Just as our name says, we at Pet Familyz thrive to bond with let’s as our families. Those innocent souls are no different from us in bearing feelings of love and friendliness.

So, we at Pet Familyz try to bring out the best in them by sharing with you the right ways to bond with them, know them better (in good as well as bad times) and to cater to all their needs and wishes so that the free souls feel one with you.

We understand how important it is for you to know each minute details regarding the breed you are planning to foster.

After all, parenting isn’t easy!

So I (Susan R Elliston), being a vet for 11 years, along with my team of experts have decided to help you with pet-parenting by sharing our knowledge, expertise, understanding and research in a wide a wide variety of species including dogs, cats, birds, fishes, rabbits, horses, etc.

Our Mission:

To help provide you with information and tips on:

♦ Origin and history of different species of animals

♦ Understanding their characteristics and behavioral patterns

♦ How to build a deep, affectionate and friendly bond with your pets

♦ How to groom them as part of a family

♦ How to look after them at times of their illness and distress

♦ Learning about their food habits and the best foods for their healthy lifestyle

♦ How to keep them for and active by making them do the right exercises and activities 

Our site is entirely dedicated to all those pet-owners who wish the best for their loved pets and we promise to share only the authentic and valuable information available to us through years of treating them as vets and also sharing and receiving the best parenting tips to and from the actual owners of the best pets in the world!