At What Age Should a Goldendoodle be Neutered?

“When are you getting your Goldendoodle neutered?’’

Everyone’s been asking you this question, but you find yourself in an unfamiliar spot. You are confused about whether it’s the right age to get the Goldendoodle neutered. If yes, we have the right answers!

A goldendoodle can be neutered between 4 to 9 months of age, but experts believe that you should wait till they hit puberty (about 7 months). 

Does this answer your query? Well, we aren’t done yet! 

Read this full post as we will tell you the pros and cons of neutering, how it’s different from spaying, and the best age to get your goldendoodle neutered. 

Dive right in, goldendoodle parents! 

At What Age Should a Goldendoodle be Neutered

Neutering a Goldendoodle: How is it different from spaying? 

Your goldendoodle has been humping everything they see. He’s been humping the pillow, your child’s soft toy, and even your leg. 

There’s even a possibility they are humping the female dogs in the vicinity. 

All this needs to stop! Why? It’s not just because it is embarrassing, but it is to control their urges. 

The neutering procedure entails the removal of testicles. Spaying is different – it’s done on female dogs. The veterinary doctor removes their uterus so that they can’t make babies.

We see a lot of strays on the road and rescues. It will be hard to control the population if neutering and spaying don’t happen. 

The Truth about Humping: Why do Goldendoodles hump everything after getting neutered? 

Now, please note that neutering might take away the ability to reproduce, but it does not change the humping behavior. 

Humping is not always related to sexual urges. Sometimes, your goldendoodle will be stressed and have too much energy to expend. This is when they will hump anything that comes their way. 

There are behavioral issues that goldendoodle parents want to sort out and that’s why they get their goldendoodles neutered. 

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Best Age to Get Your Goldendoodle Neutered 

As a goldendoodle parent, you are still contemplating whether or not you should get your pupper neutered. Before you make a decision, there is something you need to know about the right age for neutering your adorable pet. 

Many people think that 4 months to 9 months is a good time to get dogs neutered. But, most experts believe that waiting till the goldendoodle is 7-month-old is better. 

If you don’t let the goldendoodle hit puberty, there is a chance your little one will become aggressive towards others. Also, he might urinate more often and sometimes on other people as well. 

As a pet parent, you want your goldendoodle to have a comfortable experience. It will be a harrowing experience for the little one if you are getting them neutered before puberty. 

Neutering: After-care Tips for Goldendoodle Parents 

Once your goldendoodle has been neutered, you would expect their sexual/mating urges to leave the body and mind. It doesn’t happen overnight! 

Since your goldendoodles just got rid of their ‘manhood’, you would need to take better care of them. There are some after-care tips that you ought to follow. 

Proper care helps in speeding up the healing process. So, use these tips to speed up the healing process after the surgery is done. 

Let them lay down and put food and water close to the bed. Make sure the bed is soft and comfortable. 

1.) Check the surgery spot and notice if there are any signs of infection. You don’t want any complications. In case something seems off, call up the veterinary doctor immediately. 

2.) Don’t let your goldendoodle stay too active. They have just undergone neutering surgery, so they would need ample rest. It will take 2-3 weeks for the spot to heal and for your dog to feel better. 

3.) Since they have undergone surgery, there will be some pain. So, you need to ensure you are giving them plenty of rest. The doctor might give some pain reduction medications as well. 

4.) Put an Elizabethan collar around their neck. The goldendoodle should not lick the neutered region as it will slow down the healing process. You can check out a soft and comfortable Elizabethan collar like BENCMATE.

They have these collars in different sizes. Since your goldendoodle is already in pain, don’t put something uncomfortable around their neck. The BENCMATE Elizabethan is soft and good for your little pooch’s recovery stage. 

5.) You might want to put a dog recovery onesie on your goldendoodle. There are cute onesies available on Amazon. Check out BellyGuard dog recovery onesie.

It’s very comfortable for your dog during the recovery stage. It will keep them warm during the winter season as well. Yeapeeto dog recovery suit is also a comfortable and good-looking option.

Your goldendoodle will look adorable in this and it will keep them comfy during the recovery stage. It’s available in all kinds of sizes and has a fish design. 

If you use these after-care tips, your goldendoodle will be comfortable and the healing process would be quicker. 

Here’s a short YT video to show you how Milo recovered after neutering. 

Puppy Gets Neutered Part 2: Recovery // Tips & Advice // f1b Mini Goldendoodle

Now the question that remains is – Should you be getting them neutered? We have highlighted some pros and cons in the next section. 

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The Pros & Cons of Neutering a Goldendoodle 

Now that you are aware of the after-care tips, you need to know about the pros and cons of neutering as well. 

Perhaps you neutered your goldendoodle because they were showcasing sexual behavior.

Skim through these pros and cons as you might see some changes in your dog’s behavior and there will be some physical changes too. 


Neutering offers population control. If you own a rescue or a shelter, you don’t want the goldendoodle to mate with every female and increase the population. 

It reduces the risk of cancer and prostate issues. Once the goldendoodle gets neutered, there is nothing left in there to get cancer. 

Sexual urges reduce significantly. Your goldendoodle won’t get the urge to mate. It can be embarrassing when they start humping everything they see. 

Neutering stabilizes their mood. They become less aggressive. 

There will be a significant change in their behavior, especially the sexualized one. 


Neutering is not a sure-shot guarantee that your goldendoodle will calm down. Training might be needed. 

The breeding process will halt. If you have imagined your home having lots of goldendoodles, it won’t be possible after you get them neutered. 

There will be some changes in the goldendoodle’s coat. All thanks to the hormonal changes! 

There is a possibility of weight gain – once again, the blame goes to the shift in hormones. You might need to change their diet and get them on an exercise schedule sooner or later. 

Changes in Goldendoodle Behavior After Getting Neutered 

Once the neutering procedure is done, the change in your goldendoodle’s behavior will start showing after 6 weeks.

Things will depend on the production of testosterone as well. There is a chance your goldendoodle will still show the behavior of an intact dog and they might like to mount or climb a female dog in heat. 

Don’t be surprised as it’s fairly common. The production of the hormone will slowly diminish and you will get to see lots of changes in your goldendoodle. It doesn’t mean your dog is sick, it only means the surgery was effective. 

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Still have queries regarding neutering your goldendoodle? Check out the quick FAQs section to find the answers. 


1. When should I spay or neuter my goldendoodle?

The most common age to spay or neuter a goldendoodle is six months. 

However, some experts recommend pet parents to wait for some more time before neutering their goldendoodle. Wait till they mature or hit puberty and then get the procedure done. 

2. What is the best age to neuter a golden retriever?

8 to 10 months is the ideal age to get the golden retriever neutered. Experts recommend pet parents to wait till the golden retriever hits puberty. 

3. Can neutering a male goldendoodle affect their behavior?

Yes, a goldendoodle will become calmer than before. Their humping behavior may not change, but there will be significant changes in their mood. They will become less aggressive. 

4. Is a goldendoodle a mixed breed? 

Golden doodles are a mix of poodles and golden retrievers. They’re known as, ‘Groodles’ in Australia. 

5. Is my goldendoodle too old to be neutered?

Any goldendoodle over 7 years of age can be neutered. But do run some check-ups like the liver and kidney function before neutering them. 

6. Does neutering calm down a goldendoodle?

Wait for your goldendoodle to hit puberty before you can get the procedure done. 

There are some behavioral benefits of neutering. The goldendoodle won’t go out to find a mate and sexual urges might reduce a fair bit after the neutering procedure is complete. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Was this article helpful? You need to reconsider whether or not your goldendoodle needs to be neutered. 

If you wish to see puppies in your home, mating is preferable. However, if you don’t intend to put your goldendoodle’s health at risk and wish to see some positive changes in their behavior, then neutering is advisable. 

Make sure you wait till the goldendoodle hits puberty to get them neutered. Anything earlier than that will be a harrowing experience for your little pupper. 

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