Are Beagle Puppies Hyper? (Tips to Calm Down)

Hyper? Maybe. High-energy? Definitely! Beagles are especially popular dogs when it comes to selecting a family pet, but they are also notoriously active and energetic.

If you have recently invited a beagle puppy into your life, you may be wondering if beagle puppies are hyper, or is it your particular puppy? And will your pup ever calm down?

Fear not, beagle puppies are incredibly active and can appear hyper during their first year of life. Once your puppy hits the one-year milestone, you should notice some gradual change through to their second birthday.

Are Beagle Puppies Hyper

However, every puppy is an individual, and depending on any training you may initiate for your beagle while still young, there is no standard rule or even timeframe for your puppy’s calming down.

It’s All in the Genes!

Beagles are very smart dogs and were traditionally bred to be scent hunting dogs meaning that they like to chase scents and catch as their preferred activities.

Social and energetic, your Beagle will naturally love to roam and investigate in search of adventure. If you are a hiker, a beagle puppy might be the perfect breed.

As a family dog, your beagle will want to be involved in what goes on in your home. They can be utterly mischievous, so training may be the optimal solution to curb some of that curiosity and stubbornness. 

As high-energy canines, they require plenty of exercise which will aid in managing a tendency toward hyperactivity. An hour to an hour and a half of exercise daily is ideal for this breed.

Will My Beagle Be Hyper Forever?

No, usually as beagles age, they calm down, although their individual energy level will be influenced by their environment. If they feel the need to act out to receive attention, they will continue to do so despite aging.

Will My Puppy Eventually Stop Chewing Everything?

All puppies, regardless of the breed have a bite and chew phase as part of teething. At approximately 8 to 10 months, a beagle pup should stop chewing on your favorite pair of shoes or whatever else you leave within reach. You can provide your beagle pup with toys that he or she can chew on to limit the damage.

Maturation Phases

Before you know it, your beagle will become an adult, but getting there can be delightfully entertaining, and let’s face it, on some days, utterly frustrating. During the various phases of maturation, you will also begin to observe your dog’s personality emerge.

Birth to 2 months

Puppies really should not be removed from their mothers before six to eight weeks. The initial behavioral imprinting for puppies comes from the mamma beagles, particularly with the all-important beginning socialization of the pups. And puppies will look to their mother for guidance.

Will My Puppy Eventually Stop Chewing Everything

2 to 3 Months 

Well-socialized puppies should be ready to leave the roost at approximately 8 to 9 weeks of age.

They may initially exhibit shyness and uncertainty regarding their new surroundings, but you will begin to see responses to their name when called and an understanding of basic commands such as “no”.

You will also notice personality development such as shy, playful, curious, or hyperactive.

3 to 4 Months

These are very formative months when you can introduce your pup to new places, new people, and with the proper caution to new dogs or other animals. Make sure your puppy has been vaccinated before going out and about.

Beagle pups will be curious and very energetic, so this is the perfect moment to teach your pup to walk on a leash. ( Your pup should not be pulling you!)

4 to 6 Months

Your puppy is entering the juvenile stage, perfect for hyperactivity and training. Training is an important aspect of your pup’s life and may in the future even save his or her life thanks to commands.

Your ability to teach your pup basic commands like come, stay, drop it, or leave it can protect your dog in dangerous circumstances. If you do not feel up to the task, contact a professional trainer or look for a local puppy class. 

6 to 12 months

Welcome to the teen period when your beagle will test limits and probably your patience as well.  In this period your beagle will be extremely active and into everything.

Everything and anything will attract his or her curiosity. Because beagles have a stubborn streak, it is important that you are firm with rules, otherwise, your pup will be running the house and your life in no time. 

Because this is a stage of heightened restlessness and energy, both daily playtime and exercise will aid them in releasing any pent-up energy.

Remember that these dogs were genetically bred to hunt, roam, and investigate. Keeping them closed in a cage, pen, or living room is similar to them being unemployed and consequently frustrated. 

Happy First Birthday!

Once your beagle pup reaches his or her first birthday, some of the initial hyperactivity should begin to calm down. A lot will depend on training and the amount of daily energy release exercise.

Even if your dog has had obedience lessons, he or she will still require daily exercise preferably outdoors.

Can Obedience Training Calm Down My Beagle

Can Obedience Training Calm Down My Beagle?

Undoubtedly, obedience training can aid in calming your beagle down, however, it will not be sufficient without exercise and planned activities included in your daily routine.

Beagles, due to a stubborn streak, can be more difficult than other breeds to train but no dog, including beagles, should be permitted to dominate and rule the territory, in this case, your home.

Proper behavior should be rewarded with praise, treats, or a favorite toy. Bad behavior requires immediate correction. If you ignore a Beagle, they will do something to get your attention.

Refrain from hitting your dog. Positive reinforcement for correct behavior gets a lot more accomplished. Obedience classes or lessons will help and also contribute to your dog’s continued, and hopefully positive, socialization.

Tips for Calming Down Your Beagle Pup

If you find your beagle puppy to be particularly hyperactive, try these simple actions to help calm your pup down.

1.) Work on teaching your beagle basic commands like sit. Use positive reinforcement such as praise, petting, or bite-sized treats. Training sessions should never exceed 15 minutes, and with puppies should be short due to a limited attention span.

2.) Take your beagle puppy for a walk or a run daily.

3.) Try walking your beagle in the early morning so that he or she is calmer during the day.

4.) Give your beagle puppy toys or dog puzzles to keep their attention and offer stimulation.

Is Spaying or Neutering My Beagle a Solution to Hyperactivity?

Any thought of neutering or spaying your Beagle puppy should be discussed with your veterinarian to understand the full ramifications.

Some experts feel there will be little change after neutering and that your puppy’s personality will depend on its early socialization and training. 

Some veterinarians prefer that a dog reach sexual maturity by experiencing a first “heat” before being sterilized.

Some veterinary professionals also recommend spaying or neutering at approximately six months of age before a first heat if you do not plan on breeding. So, this is a matter to take up with a trusted vet.

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A Final Thought

Beagles are great family dogs and great companions. They are loyal to owners but exceptionally active. With a little patience, basic training, and lots of exercise, your beagle pup will be no more hyperactive than any happy, healthy canine.

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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