Are Goldendoodles Chewers: The Complete Guide!

Playful, smart wits, and good looks – Goldendoodles are a perfect pick for someone who wants a beautiful-looking and smart dog. 

If you’re thinking of getting a Goldendoodle home, you might want to find out a little more about their personality. Perhaps you need to know a little more about their chewing behavior. 

Are they big chewers? Will they cause a lot of destruction in the house? Well, there’s only one way to find that out! 

Goldendoodles are enthusiastic chewers, so some pet parents might have a hard time controlling their little pups. Don’t worry! There are ways to control this behavior. 

Are Goldendoodles Chewers

This article will reveal the answer to the following question – are goldendoodles chewers? Here’s a beginner’s guide! 

A Lil’ Something about Goldendoodles 

Goldendoodles are a mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever. They have the looks, the playfulness, and the wits. People call them a designer breed because they’re a mix of the two most desirable breeds. 

These little munchkins were bred to have the qualities of both the parents. They’re also known to be hypoallergenic. 

Goldendoodles are excellent family dogs because they have a sociable personalities and love being friendly to all. The fur type, color, and size will vary depending on both the parents.

Nonetheless, you can find the one that you like. All you have to do is look and share your preference! Sometimes, you might like the goldendoodle instantly because they’re very pretty and adorable.  

Goldendoodles are high-spirited and lovable dogs, so you will certainly have a good time with them. 

Did you know that some of them don’t even shed a lot of fur? That’s great news for those who have OCD or don’t like their home being messy. 

Wish to know a little more about their personality? Let’s dive in! 

Here’s a quick sneak peek of the personality traits they possess: 

1.) Goldendoodles love to exercise and play. They are filled with energy, so there’s a lot of playfulness too. 

2.) Goldendoodles love to cuddle. That’s right! You can let them sleep on your bed as they don’t shed. They love to cuddle with you. 

3.) Agility happens to be one of their key traits. They need an active and loving family. If you leave the house for several hours, goldendoodles won’t do very well in such a place. 


4.) Playing fetch, frisbee, and getting all friendly are all a part of their personality. You are getting the most friendly and active dog, so embrace the joy. 

5.) Goldendoodles have a love-love relationship with water. Since they love playing and getting into harmless trouble, take them out for swimming. They really enjoy being in the water. 

Are Goldendoodles Big Chewers? 

Before you get a goldendoodle home, you need to know that they love chewing. Goldendoodles are enthusiastic chewers, so you might find them getting jiggy with the toys, your favorite shoes, or a little piece of rope they found. 

You might wonder why this teddy-bear-like dog likes to chew so much! Looks can be deceiving, dear friend. 

Pet parents believe that the chewing behavior will stop at some point. They think that goldendoodles will calm down with age, but it doesn’t happen that way. 

But you can do something about it! You need to channelize all the energy to something constructive. It needs to be done at an early age and not later when the dog grows up. 

When goldendoodles grow up, it can be hard to change their habits. Hence, you need to ensure that your little pupper gets training at an early age. 

A loving approach and plenty of mental stimulation can help your little fur ball to stop their destructive chewing behavior. 

The question is – Why do goldendoodles chew so much? Have you ever wondered why this pretty-looking goldendoodle indulges in destructive behavior? The next section reveals the answer to this question. 

Why do Goldendoodles indulge in excessive chewing? 

Goldendoodles are going to chew everything they see. Why do they do that? The goldendoodle will start chewing at the puppy stage, but it will get worse as they grow up. 

Here are a couple of reasons behind this habit! 

1. Loneliness & Boredom

Your Goldendoodle might chew simply because they are bored or lonely. They might want some play time or need your attention. 

• It could also be one of the signs of separation anxiety. 

• When you leave your dog for a few hours, they get bored and lonely. This could lead to excessive chewing. 

• They might try to entertain themselves by chewing a toy, socks, a shoe, or anything they see in the room. 

2. Stress & Anxiety

What’s on your goldendoodle’s mind? You can’t tell if your dog is under stress. Maybe somebody misbehaved with them or they are going through some form of illness. Goldendoodles will chew if they feel anxious, scared, or stressed. 

All you can do is provide a positive environment. Your goldendoodle trusts you – they know that you will take care of them no matter what. 

Chewing could be a part of their personality – if nobody stopped them when they were young, they are going to continue chewing as they grow up. This behavior needs to stop now. 

Is it normal or healthy for a goldendoodle to chew so much? 

Chewing is something that most dogs do. It’s not something that’s abnormal. Did you know there are special chewing toys and treats for adult and puppy dogs? 

It’s perfectly normal if your goldendoodle chews every now and then. However, excessive chewing could be damaging. 

You might lose an expensive shoe or your socks might go missing every now and then. There are times when a dog starts chewing furniture. Blame it on the toxic and stressful environment in your home or the surroundings. 

You need to provide a calm environment to the goldendoodle. It’s very simple! If there is a party at home, let the little one sit in a quiet room. Don’t fight or make loud noises inside the home – it’s good for the children and your goldendoodle. 

You can also bring chewing toys and treats for your beloved. Although, repetitive training is necessary to reduce excessive chewing. 

Things You Can Do to Decrease Excessive Chewing 

Let’s start by creating a healthy and loving environment in the home. The environment should be comfortable, calm, and loving. 

If there is too much noise or disturbance in the home, the goldendoodle is going to be stressed out. They will find something to chew and indulge in destructive behavior. 

Give them lots of dog toys. There are special chew toys for goldendoodles (to be discussed later on). You must buy them for your dog. 

Would you like to take a quick look at the best chew toys for goldendoodles? You could buy these or find something similar for your little baby. 

1.) Puppy Teething Toys for Dogs by Aipper 

There are 12 interactive toys in this package. They’re all colorful and some of them make squeaking noises. 

Your goldendoodle will get stress relief and a gum massage by chewing these toys. 

2.) JBONEST Store indestructible dog chewing toy 

A blown-up fish chew toy in a bright color – this one’s great for goldendoodles. This is the best kind of toy for aggressive chewers. If your goldendoodle indulges in aggressive chewing, this top can help them stop. It squeaks and also helps in teeth cleaning. 

3.) CEESC Dog Chew Toy Blue Colour 

This is a sound squeaker toy, so your goldendoodle will have a good time playing with it. 

It’s an indestructible toy, so an aggressive chewer won’t be able to destroy it as well. 

You can also play fetch with your goldendoodle by throwing this blue-colored chew toy far away. Your goldendoodle has tons of energy, so they might just go and catch it. 

4.) Nylabone X-Shaped chew toy 

Goldendoodles will have a gala time chewing this toy. If your little one is an aggressive chewer, introduce this hard and indestructible chew toy to them. 

It’s good for their dental health and helps in reducing aggressive chewing. 

By introducing these toys to your goldendoodle, you are saving all the objects in your home. 

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Simple habits that’ll take you a long way in training goldendoodles

They shouldn’t be chewing your socks, shoes, assignment, or the carpet and upholstery. Your goldendoodle needs a chewing toy and a loving and quiet environment! 

• Mental stimulation is just as important. Just a little bit of play time isn’t enough. 

• Talk to your goldendoodle, spend time with them, let them explore the entire home, or play hide and seek.

• Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation, especially for a goldendoodle. 

If you still have queries regarding goldendoodles, read the FAQs section. 


1. What is the best chew toy for goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles love squeaking toys. You can bring home a squeezing toy, but you can also introduce some calcium bones to their diet. 

It’s not a toy per se, but it will help reduce aggressive chewing behavior. A dental chew toy that helps in cleaning the gums can be a good way to reduce aggressive chewing. 

2. Is a goldendoodle the right kind of dog for you?

Goldendoodles are lovable and they gel well with a family. If you want a family dog, goldendoodles are the best. 

They’re playful and love to be around their pet parents or family. In case you have lots of time to spend with a goldendoodle, get them home. 

3. What kind of a dog is a goldendoodle mix?

Goldendoodles are a mix of poodle and golden retriever. They are known as the designer breed. It’s a combination of good looks and smart wits. 

4. How big does a goldendoodle get?

A goldendoodle will weigh anything between 50 to 100 pounds. They love to exercise and play. If you are thinking of keeping an active and large-sized dog, then this breed is perfect. 

5. Are goldendoodles aggressive?

Goldendoodles are playful, but they can be aggressive chewers. Train them not to chew anything that they see. You need to give them lots of chewing toys to control the excessive chewing. 

Concluding Thoughts 

The playfulness of goldendoodles can attract anybody. You need to go ahead and get a goldendoodle home! They’re not just pretty-looking, but also lovable and caring. 

Loyalty is one of their best personality traits. 

Yes, they are aggressive chewers, but they can be handled. Give them a loving environment and lots of toys to chew on. If the environment is peaceful and loving and there are plenty of toys to play with, the goldendoodle will have a good time. 

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I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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