How Often Should I Brush My Cavapoo?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the cutest and prettiest dog in the world? Well, we know one cross-breed that looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s the Cavapoos! 

Cavapoos are adorable – they’re a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodles. We’re all aware that Spaniels are smart, loyal, and great at swimming. Poodles are adorable, playful, and loving. 

If you’re thinking of getting a Cavapoo home, you might want to know about their grooming needs. 

Many Cavapoo parents or anyone who is looking to get one home has several queries in their head. One of those queries is the following – How often should I brush my Cavapoo? 

When you look at a cockapoo, you find a cute and curly-haired munchkin. Cavapoos need brushing thrice a week, but daily brushing would be better. 

How Often Should I Brush My Cavapoo

Grooming a Cavapoo is crucial every 6 to 8 weeks. You can’t let them go without grooming or basic brushing for several days or weeks. Why? 

Well, we are going to answer all your queries in this elaborate article. 

Do Cavapoos Need Grooming?

Cavapoos are furry so their hair/coat grows but doesn’t fall. Short-hair breeds tend to shed more hair, so that’s not going to be a problem for Cavapoo parents. 

Cavapoos are extremely popular for their curled-up and long hair. It makes them look like cute teddy bears or miniature lions. 

Perhaps you could dress your Cavapoo as Lion King on Halloween. They’ll look like cute Simba with all the hair. 

Since Cavapoos are hairy and the hair is quite long too, you would need to take them for grooming regularly. While grooming needs to be done in 6 to 8 weeks, you have to brush the Cavapoo’s hair regularly at home. 

Brushing and trimming a Cavapoo’s hair is necessary to avoid tangled hair. Cavapoos have beautiful hair, and it’s a part of their beauty. 

So, if you don’t brush or trim their hair, it’s going to get tangled. Tangled hair is unappealing; thus, you should brush their hair regularly. 

You would find that most designer dogs don’t roll in the mud or go all crazy. But this little Cavapoo can swim and roll in the mud, dirt, and all kinds of muck. 

That’s precisely why they’re a mess all the time. The hair will get tangled sooner or later, so you have to ensure their hair is brushed regularly. 

If you don’t have the time, hand over the brush to another family member or hire someone to do it. 

Grooming is not just important for enhancing the overall look of the Cavapoo but also keeping parasites and skin irritations at bay. Long hair attracts fleas, dry skin, ringworm, etc. 

When dogs are in the wild, they can be carefree. Cavapoos are lap dogs and they’ve never lived in the wild. Maybe their primitive cousins have done all of that before, but a Cavapoo doesn’t have that kind of an outdoor experience. 

They need their nails, teeth, and ears to be clean. The question is – how often should you be brushing your Cavapoo? Jump to the next section to find out! 

How Often Should You Brush Your Cavapoo? 

Cavapoos have long, shiny, and curly hair. It can get tangled easily. Please note, tangled hair is very difficult to deal with. 

It’s also unappealing for most people. Your distant cousin, friend, or colleague might just comment on your Cavapoo and you will certainly feel bad. 

“Your Cavapoo’s hair is really messy! Don’t you take care of your dog?’’ 

Such a comment can be hurtful. If you ask us, it’s not really about what others say. You have to brush your Cavapoo’s hair for their well-being. Also, if you don’t brush their hair and keep it tangled, there’s a chance they might attract fleas and ticks. 

Let’s cut back to the chase and answer your query. Ideally, you should brush their hair daily, but if you don’t have that much time, then thrice a week is good enough. 

There will be times that thrice a week won’t be enough. You will get to know when your Cavapoo needs grooming or a quick brushing session. There are some signs that will tell you that your cockapoo needs grooming. 

Signs Your Cavapoo Needs Grooming 

Cavapoos demand grooming, but some of them might hate it. They love spending time on your lap, but grooming might be a little of a hassle for Cavapoos since they don’t like going to the groomer. 

You can groom your Cavapoo at home, but you would need certain things for it. Before we head to that route, let’s unravel the signs your Cavapoo needs grooming. 

1.)  Tangled Hair 

Tangled hair is when the strands of hair are hard to brush. A bunch of hair gets stuck together and it is very frustrating to detangle. 

If your Cavapoo has tangled hair, it’s time to take them for a grooming session. Most groomers would try to detangle the hair, but if it is too bad, your Cavapoo might need a trim or a proper haircut. 

2.) Pointy And Big Nails 

In case your Cockapoo has big claws, you would need to clip it. Fortunately, you can easily find a nail clipper online or in pet stores. 

3.) Dirty Ears 

Your Cavapoo’s inner ear needs special attention. Don’t let too much dirt settle into the ears. 

4.) Fleas & Ticks

Although this needs special treatment from a veterinary doctor, a Cavapoo having fleas and ticks should definitely get a grooming session. 

5.) Too much hair

Cavapoos have long hair. If the hair comes in front of the eyes or grows too much, you would need to give your Cavapoo a haircut. 

6.) Rolling in the dirt

If your Cavapoo has rolled in the dirt and is visibly dirty, you would need to take them to a groomer. 

Now that you have a fair idea about the signs your Cavapoo needs grooming, it’s time to find out the things you would need for grooming your little one. Let’s jump to the next section! 

Things You Would Need for Grooming Your Cavapoo 

Grooming a Cavapoo won’t be a cakewalk. But it is doable if you have the right tools. How about getting the following grooming tools for your little one? This way you can groom your Cavapoo at home. 

Some Cavapoos are scared to go to the groomer. It can be a harrowing experience for some puppers. Well, we’re certainly going to share some advice on that as well. But, for now, dive in and find out what you would need to groom your Cavapoo. 

1.) Hair Brush – You should get the one that detangles the Cavapoo’s hair. 

2.) Nail Clipper – If your Cavapoo has sharp claws, the nails would need clipping. It’s not something you do every single day. In case you notice their nails getting sharper, clip them very carefully and never go too deep. 

3.) Scissor – Although you should refrain from cutting your Cavapoo’s hair, having a scissor handy isn’t a bad idea. You can trim your munchkin’s hair, but never give a full haircut unless you are very sure. 

4.) Cordless, No-Noise Clippers – This is meant for shaving your Cavapoo’s hair in an even manner. Make sure it doesn’t have any annoying sounds because Cavapoos can get really scared. 

You would be extremely happy to find out that there are grooming kits available for Cavapoos and other breeds. 

Check out the combo of comb, slicker brush, and clipper right here.

The Pet Union Store has an excellent combo as well. It has a clipper, nail trimmer, comb, and scissors.  

The Grooming Ritual – How to Groom a Cavapoo Pupper? 

Cavapoos have a regular grooming ritual. It’s quite similar to what other breeds go through in a grooming parlor. However, you can actually groom your Cavapoo at home as long as you feel comfortable and confident doing it. 

Bear in mind, Cavapoo puppies have a less intensive grooming session. For example, Cavapoo puppies won’t have to go through anal gland cleaning. 

Moreover, adult coats need a lot more grooming, so you might want to go to a groomer when your Cavapoo grows up. 

Since a puppy’s hair is shorter, it doesn’t get tangled. Now, let’s go through the step-by-step method and then jump to the next section that talks about helping your Cavapoo overcome the fear of going to the groomer. 

1.) Bathing a Cavapoo 

Bathing a Cavapoo 

Cavapoos need a bath once every two weeks. If they get dirty or roll in the mud, then they would need a bath sooner. 

You would need to detangle their hair before giving a bath to the Cavapoo. Using a gentle shampoo is crucial. Don’t go for something harsh, and avoid using human shampoos too. 

You will find dog facial shampoos too that are specially formulated for Cavapoos. They don’t irritate or hurt the eyes of your little one. 

Use shampoo + conditioner for bathing your Cavapoo. There are many products out there that have a combination of shampoo and conditioner. If you use shampoo on your Cavapoo, you have to use a conditioner; otherwise, their skin will get dry and rough. 

Here are some good bath products for your Cavapoo:  

1.) Earth Bath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo – No more dry and itchy skin! Made with natural ingredients, this shampoo will ensure your Cavapoo’s hair and skin stays moisturized, shiny, and healthy. 

2.) Dog bath brush  – Simply pour shampoo into the top inlet and scrub your Cavapoo. This will help in getting rid of dirt and fleas. Moreover, the dog bath brush is gentle on your Cavapoo’s skin. 

3.) Bathrobe for dogs  – Just in case your Cavapoo is having zoomies, you should put a bathrobe on them. This way, they won’t wet the entire house. 

4.) Pet Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner 2-IN-1 – You will mostly find oatmeal in shampoos and conditioners because it is good for your Cavapoo’s skin. 

5.) Alpha Dog Series Shampoo and Conditioner – This shampoo will help in brightening your Cavapoo’s hair and making them soft and healthy. 

2.) Brushing A Cavapoo

The brushing ritual is crucial. It’s not just about aesthetics, but more about keeping your Cavapoo healthy and happy. 

You need to teach your Cavapoo to sit quietly without moving too much. A fair bit of training is needed here

Most dogs, including Cavapoos, get very scared of noisy machinery, so it is best to try and groom your pupper at home first. 

Use a slicker brush to get rid of tangled hair, and keep a regular dog comb as well. 

3.) Drying A Cavapoo

Use a handheld hair dryer to dry your Cavapoo puppy/adult dog. Make sure it is on a cool setting and not hot. 

Some Cavapoos can get scared of the noise, so be gentle and use positive reinforcement. 

Once you have used the dryer, take a towel and gently dab and dry your Cavapoo. Keep them in the towel for a little while and let them soak up the sun in the balcony or the backyard. 

Some Cavapoos might get zoomies. Zoomies is when your Cavapoo runs really fast from one point to another. In this case, you can let them run free or lure them with a treat to calm them down. 

4.) Brushing The Teeth of a Cavapoo

Many Cavapoo parents miss this bit, but it is as important. You need Cavapoo-friendly toothpaste. Use your finger or get a Cavapoo toothbrush to clean their teeth. Never use a human toothbrush or paste – it isn’t meant for your Cavapoo. 

Chew sticks and chew toys can also take care of your Cavapoo’s gums and teeth. 

Here are some good kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes you could purchase: 

1.) Arm & Hammer for Pets Toothpaste and Brush 

2.) PetSmile Professional Dog teeth cleaning kit 

5.) Nail Clipping of a Cavapoo 

You need to be very careful when you clip your puppy’s nails. Early paw handling is crucial to help desensitize the particular area. 

Puppies and older dogs can get wriggly, so make sure you have another person to help you with the nail clipping. Someone should hold the paw and you can clip the nails. 

6.) Ear Cleaning of Cavapoo

Check the inner ear. Do you see any ear infections or yeast build-up? Your groomer can help in cleaning ear wax. You can also use cotton swabs to clean the inner ear. 

7.) Anal Gland Cleaning of Cavapoo 

Some Cavapoos can have clogged anal glands. If you find they’re irritated and are scraping their buttocks on the ground, then you need to go to a groomer and get it checked. 

What to do if Your Cavapoo Hates Grooming? 

Most pet parents will enjoy brushing their Cavapoo’s hair daily. Let’s face it: not every Cavapoo enjoys going to the groomer. 

You can start grooming sessions at home. Get your Cavapoo comfortable with electronic grooming products and even clippers for that matter. This will help in lowering their anxiety and fear. 

You must also massage your Cavapoo to calm them down. When you give an in-home grooming session, you also have the luxury of giving a break to your Cavapoo. 

Once you start taking your Cavapoo to the groomer, make sure there are some familiar items and treats in the groomer’s zone. 

There are calming treats as well that help in lowering stress and anxiety in Cavapoos. Pay attention to the signs – is your Cavapoo barking too loud or shaking and howling? 

All these are signs of being nervous. Take it easy while grooming your Cavapoo, and get them used to all the equipment. 

However, brushing is something you need to do on a daily basis. If you don’t have time, consider doing it thrice a week. You can also give brushing the Cavapoo duties to your family members. 

Have more queries? Check out the FAQs section! 


How Often Should I Groom My Cavapoo?

You must take your Cavapoo for grooming every six to eight weeks. However, bathing time should be once every two weeks.

Do Cavapoos Need to be Brushed?

Yes. Cavapoos need to be brushed daily or at least thrice a week. If you see signs of tangling or dirt, you must use a slicker brush to get rid of it. 

How Often Should you Brush Your Cavapoos Ears?

The ears on Cavapoos hair are prone to tangling, so make sure you brush the ears daily. Make sure the insides of the ear are also clean. You need an ear swab to clean the inner part of the ear. 

What do You Need to Groom a Cavapoo at Home?

At-home grooming can be great for Cavapoo parents. It allows you to bond with your pet. 

You would need a slicker brush, comb, nail clipper, shampoo, conditioner, bathing brush, and ear swabs for cleaning the ear. 

What Happens if You Don’t Brush A Cavapoo?

If you don’t brush a Cavapoo, their hair gets tangled and they start looking dirty too. 

Should You Give a Haircut to Your Cavapoo?

In case your Cavapoo’s hair is coming in front of their eyes, you need to give them a haircut. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Cavapoos need hair brushing daily or thrice a week to get rid of tangles or prevent it from happening. 

Give them a bath once in two weeks and pay attention to their grooming needs like nail clipping, ear cleaning, and anal gland cleaning. 

If you take care of the grooming needs, your Cavapoo will be happy and healthy.

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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