What To Look For When Buying A Cavapoo?

If you’ve decided that the Cavapoo is the ideal puppy to welcome into your home and family, it’s crucial that when purchasing, you do so from a reputable breeder or pet store.

To do so, there are several things to keep in mind as well as questions to ask when you meet the puppy for the first time in person. 

Adopting a Cavapoo is a financial investment as well as an emotional one, so it’s worth your while to investigate your breeder and assess the puppy before making a definitive choice.

Here are some of the most important things to look for and to ask to avoid adopting a sickly puppy or being scammed.

What To Look For When Buying A Cavapoo

What Is Important to Know About a Cavapoo?

Research this breed thoroughly, so you have an idea of what to expect in terms of appearance and any health issues common to the breed. Consider the breed’s temperament, even if individual dogs will have idiosyncrasies.

What About Contacting a Breeder?

Contacting a breeder initially is generally done on the phone or by email. You’ll be able to ask general questions. The breeder should not be in a rush and should take the time to discuss the welfare and health of a puppy for potential adoption.

When a breeder does not answer adequately or fully, or you get a bad impression, look for another breeder. Cavapoos are in high demand, so you don’t want a breeder that’s churning out puppies in exchange for profit.

Also expect a serious breeder to ask you quite a few questions. Breeders passionate about their puppies want to ascertain that the puppies will go to the best pet parent and home possible.

Breeding History

You may prefer to look for breeders that are members of breeding associations or kennel clubs and ask for recommendations.

You need to be sure that the breeder knows how to care for a new litter of puppies and all the health considerations involved.

You can also contact the owners of other Cavapoo puppies from this specific breeder to get feedback. Ask the breeder for references.

Do I Sign a Contract for My Cavapoo Puppy?

Serious breeders generally will insist on a sale contract. This contract will clearly define your responsibilities, as well as those of a breeder. The contract also functions as proof of your ownership of the puppy.

Sometimes a breeder will stipulate in a contract that your puppy must eventually be spayed or neutered to prevent other breeding, but you should discuss this openly before a contract of sale is drawn up.

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Are the Puppy’s Parents Health Certified?

Because Cavapoos, like many purebreds, or mixed purebreds are at risk for hereditary health issues, including heart disease, hip problems, or eye concerns, by checking the health records of the parents you can look for potential problems.

It won’t be a guarantee that your puppy will never have any issues, but it can aid you in looking for red flags.

Ask to See the Puppy’s Parents

Ask to view the puppy with Mom. This will furnish you with an idea of how healthy Mom is, her temperament particularly as she interacts with her litter.

If the breeder also owns the Dad, great. If not, a good breeder should be forthcoming with contact details for the owner of the puppy’s father

Look at the Premises

The environment where the puppy was born is fundamental in giving you an opinion not only about the breeder but also about the puppy. Has the puppy been kept indoors at home or are they in a kennel? Are the surroundings clean?

Does the Breeder Handle the Puppies?

Is the breeder handling the puppies and are Mom and Pup comfortable with being handled?

Puppy Appearance

Puppies should look clean and healthy. Runny eyes or noses are not a good sign. Also, matted or dull coats and apparent symptoms of weakness or wobbliness should raise concern.

If a puppy sits off to the side in a forlorn manner, something may be off. Puppies are curious and love to play and this needs to be evident.

Are the Puppies house trained and where are they going to the toilet? Ask your breeder for this information so you know how to proceed.

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Have Any of the Littermates Been Sickly?

Newborns are always extremely fragile, and infections to respiratory tracts, ears, urinary and digestive tracts are not uncommon. Most are easily treated, but the Cavapoo breeder should make you aware of any issues, however minor, and the treatment received.

How Well Socialized Is the Puppy?

This should be a priority for you, as if a puppy is not well socialized, it can lead to behavioral problems in the future. Fear and aggression can often be traced back to a lack of socialization in the crucial first months of life.

Most reputable breeders will ensure that puppies have lots of interactions with littermates and with people before they are available for purchase. 

When Can My Puppy Leave Mom and Come Home?

The best age for a Cavapoo puppy to leave Mom is after 8 weeks of age but before 12 weeks. If a puppy is removed from its Mom before 8 weeks, there is a risk that it will not be fully weaned, and this could negatively affect development.

If you buy a puppy that has been removed from its Mom too late, it may suffer separation anxiety.

Is the Puppy Wormed and Vaccinated?

A dedicated breeder will not send a puppy home without at least its first vaccination at 8 weeks. Your puppy should come with a vaccination booklet.

Good breeders should also have dewormed and fleas removed. You will need to continue deworming once every two weeks until your pup hits the 12-week mark.

At 3 months of age, you can deworm the puppy monthly until 6 months of age, and quarterly after the pup’s 6-month birthday.

The Cavapoo puppy will require a second vaccination at 12 weeks, so if you are purchasing a 12-week-old puppy, look for two vaccination certifications.

Also, enquire with the breeder if the puppy has been microchipped with the breeder registered as the original owner. In this case, you will need the microchip number and documentation when returning home with your pup.

Look for a Health Guarantee

Reputable breeders will offer a type of health guarantee if your puppy develops a life-threatening health issue within the first several weeks of its life.

Unfortunately, these things do happen, and in this case, a breeder should be willing to refund you your deposit or cost.

What Is the Breeder Feeding My Puppy?

Because puppies are delicate with sensitive stomachs, your breeder will need to inform you as to what food was used to wean your puppy from Mom.

Cavapoos are known to be finicky at the dinner table, so it is recommended that you continue with the food used during weaning to get your puppy acclimated. Afterward, you can consult your vet.

Future Contact with Your Breeder

Many breeders will be interested in knowing how your puppy is doing and if he or she is acclimating to the new environment. You should maintain contact for a while after purchase, in the event that problems arise.

In Conclusion

Buying a puppy is a life-changing decision and it should be a well-informed decision. By considering all of the above, you’re one step further to adopting a healthy, well-balanced Cavapoo that will enjoy a long life together with you and your family.

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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