Can a Pet Garden Snail Eat Popcorn? 

Snails are becoming popular pets around the world. You could keep them in an aquarium or even have them in the backyard or a garden. 

Since you’re a pet garden snail parent, you might want to find out what they eat and shouldn’t eat. Hold that thought! 

You might also wonder whether they can eat processed human foods like popcorn. It’s an uncanny query, but there are no silly questions in the world. 

This article will answer your query – can a pet garden snail eat popcorn? 

A video on YT became popular all over the internet. The owner of the video showcased how a snail ate a whole popcorn. 

However, popcorn is not to be ingested by a snail. It is a processed and salty food option that could kill your pet garden snail. 

Can a Pet Garden Snail Eat Popcorn

Do you wish to know more about a snail’s diet and whether garden snails eat popcorn? Well, you will find that out in this in-depth article. Let’s get started! 

What do snails eat? 

Most of the terrestrial snails eat plants because they’re herbivorous. There are some omnivorous and carnivorous snails too. 

Now, each of the species will have different eating habits. It really depends on the habitat, age, size, and nutritional requirements of each. 

Snails in the garden would love to eat fresh leaves and plants. You might be disappointed in them as it takes a lot of effort to grow plants and fruits. 

• An herbivorous snail likes to eat different parts of a live plant such as bark, stem, fruits, and leaves.

• Many of them will also consume mushrooms and fungi. Algae is also a choice of food that they might eat, but it’s more common in freshwater snails. 

• Some of the snail species would also enjoy dead plants or any dead organic matter. These will be called detritivores because they love feeding on unwanted matters or debris. 

Carnivorous snails eat small animals like earthworms, slugs, etc. 

Omnivore snails eat insects and plants both. There is a specific species such as the Rumina Decollata that loves to eat worms, slugs, and a variety of plants. 

Omnivore snails eat insects and plants both

Snails need foods that are rich in calcium because it keeps their shell hard and strong. When snails look for food, they use their sense of smell. 

Snails are nocturnal creatures, so they will look for food at night or in the wee hours of the morning. 

When winter sets in, they eat more than usual because the snails like to store up all the fat while they hibernate. 

During spring and summer, food sources become low, so there’s a chance that snails may put their body into aestivation mode. This process helps them survive in desolate conditions.

Since you have a pet garden snail, food won’t be a matter of concern because they will keep getting fresh and good food from you. 

Now, before we tell what a snail loves to eat, it’s crucial for us to shed light on the subject, ‘Can a pet garden snail eat popcorn?’ 

Can a pet garden snail eat popcorn? 

Anything salty or processed shouldn’t be a part of a snail’s diet. These creatures are meant to live out in the wild, mucky conditions, a garden, or even a tank. 

Pet garden snails have plenty of food to feast on. They eat plants, fruits, and all kinds of vegetation they see around them. 

We’ve seen one such YT video where a snail is eating popcorn, but there is no evidence or 100% assurance that it’s safe for them. 

Snails aren’t meant to eat popcorns or anything that contains oils, butter, salt, etc. Processed foods are a big NO for a snail’s diet. It won’t provide the nutritional value that is needed for a snail to survive and thrive. 

In a nutshell, you shouldn’t be feeding popcorn to your snail. Sadly, online trends push us to feed all kinds of junk to our pets, but it is a bad experiment. 

Salt dehydrates the snail’s body which could also lead to death. Thus, you should avoid giving popcorn to your garden snail. 

Now that you are aware of why snails shouldn’t be eating popcorn, let’s jump to the section where we disclose what they love to eat. 

10 Things Snails Love to Eat 

Not all snails are herbivores – we have omnivores, detritivores, and carnivore snails as well. The food they eat depends on what the species is and where they live. 

There are a lot of food options for snails. Read on to find out the 10 things snails love to eat. 

1.) Fruits: Snails feed on all kinds of fruits like kiwi, apple, apricot, mango, raspberry, strawberry, grapes, nectarine, pumpkin, watermelon, and bananas. Yummy! All this sounds delectable.

If you don’t want your garden snail to feast on fruits in your backyard, give them proper meals that consist of fruits. 

2.) Peelings: Snails would enjoy different kinds of peelings – watermelon, carrot, plantain, and even cooked potatoes. It’s good news for those who don’t want to waste food. These peelings can be utilized as snail food. 

3.) Snail food – Snails like to eat maize, soybean, groundnut, and beans. You can make these a part of their diet. 

4.) Vegetables – A snail would love to eat vegetables as well. They love cucumber, so make sure you give it to them every single day.

Other vegetables they like are beans, peas, lettuce, broccoli, sweet corn, carrot, sprouts, and watercress. Perhaps, give them small pieces of turnip as well. 

5.) Seeds – Snails enjoy eating seeds like sunflower, hemp, and pumpkin seeds. These can be given to a snail without any hesitation. 

6.) Food rich in calcium – You can give cuttlebone pieces, bone meal, calcium powder, and natural limestone. These are good sources of calcium. 

7.) Cooked grains – You can give wheat bran and cooked oats to your snail. Don’t season them with salt or spices though. Your snails shouldn’t be eating seasoned grains. Anything with salt or spices should be avoided. 

8.) Fungi – Snails love to eat mushrooms. You can give them mushrooms from the kitchen, but not the processed or dangerous ones. Make sure these mushrooms are edible and safe. 

9.) Kohlrabi leaves – If you have Kohlrabi leaves in your garden, let your snail feast on them. They will love to eat the leaves. 

10.) Egg shells – These are good sources of calcium, but a snail would prefer cuttlebone. 

Note: Your snail needs a good source of calcium because it helps in strengthening their shell. 

If your garden snail is a carnivore, they would love to feast on dead fish and worms. 

Things You Shouldn’t Be Feeding Your Garden Snail 

Snails love to eat different kinds of foods, but some of the foods can harm your little friend. Here’s a list of foods you shouldn’t be giving your snail. 

1.) Salt – None of the pets in the world should be given salt. It causes dehydration in snails. Earlier we mentioned how popcorn isn’t good for your snail. Salt drains the body of all the natural moisture and the snail could die too. 

2.) Processed food – Anything that’s starchy is bad for your snail. Pasta, rice, bread, millet, and crackers aren’t meant to be fed to a snail. This causes water retention and bloating. If a snail ingests such food, it will be hard to digest and can also lead to death. 

3.) Onions – Snails don’t like the smell and taste of onions. There’s no chance you can feed onion to a snail. 

4.) Citrus foods – Avoid giving lemon, lime, and oranges to a snail. 

5.) Sugary foods – Your snail might be tempted to eat all kinds of foods, but avoid giving sugar to them. 

6.) Pesticide-treated foods – If you are using pesticides to grow foods, it can be harmful to your snails. 

A snail will live a long and healthy life if you give them nutritious food like fruit, vegetables, peelings, and foods rich in calcium. 

Don’t give them the above-mentioned foods as it might kill your pet garden snail. 

Why isn’t my snail eating? The truth about Lost Appetite 

Snails can go without food for a long time. It can be for several months too. There’s a possibility your snail isn’t eating because you are not around them. 

If you find that your snail is not eating at all, try isolating them in a clean tank and place some fresh food. You could place some fresh cubed cucumber and see how they react. 

Snails love cucumbers, so it might be hard to resist. 

Since you have a snail in your backyard or home, you should know that they don’t eat every day. A snail won’t die if it doesn’t eat for 24 hours or 48 hours. 

Try giving them a small piece of lettuce (Romaine lettuce to be precise). A sweet potato piece or a yam might be good too! 

You shouldn’t worry because snails can go without food for days. 

Tips for Feeding Snails the Right Way 

Got a pet snail at home or in your backyard? You might be wondering what you should feed them. There are some tips for feeding snails. This way, your snail will live a healthier and longer life. 

Let’s check out the tips: 

1.) Chlorinated water is bad for your snail. Thus, you can keep chlorinated water in the sun. This way the chlorine will evaporate. Once it gets evaporated, you can give your snail the dechlorinated water. 

2.) Always place the water in a shallow container. Your snail shouldn’t drown in it. 

3.) Always boil hard foods like carrots and potatoes before you give them to a snail. 

4.) Blanch the foods and cool them before giving them to a snail. 

5.) Always wash the vegetables and fruits before you give them to a snail. 

6.) Peel the pears and apples before giving them to a snail. 

7.) Peeling fruits is always a good idea as it removes the pesticide from the outer region. 

8.) Use a clip to the food to a tank. These are easily available in stores near you. 

9.) Any uneaten food should be removed. This helps in preventing mold from developing. 

10.) Don’t give the same kind of food daily. The snail might get tired or bored of it. You can alternate foods every day. 

11.) Always break the food into little pieces before giving it to a snail. 

How often does a snail eat? 

Snails eat once per day. Since they are nocturnal creatures, they would like to feast at night. There are days when they will eat during rainy days. 

Don’t get worried if your snail does not eat two days in a row. It isn’t necessary for them to eat every single day. 

Have more queries regarding pet garden snails and their food habits? Check out the FAQs section. 


1.) Do snails eat other animals? 

Yes, there are some garden snails that eat worms and dead fish. These snails are carnivores, and they love feasting on smaller animals. 

2.) Do snails eat cucumbers?

Snails love to eat cucumbers. Make sure you peel the cucumber and give little cubes of cucumber to your snail. 

3.) Can snails eat salty foods? 

No, snails should not be eating salty foods like cheese, popcorn, and processed meat. Processed meat and salty foods are bad for snails. 

4.) Do snails eat carrots? 

Yes, snails eat carrots. However, you should boil the carrots first and dice them into cubes. Carrots will provide nutrition to your snail. 

5.) What can garden snails not eat?

Snails should never eat salty and processed food. Make sure to never feed foods that are pesticide-grown or have chemicals. 

Concluding Thoughts 

We hope you found all the answers to your queries. Keeping a pet snail may seem like an overwhelming thought, but if you take care of their diet, they will be healthy and happy. 

Don’t let them eat processed foods like popcorn or anything that contains starch or salt. Once you follow these basics, your snail will live a longer life. 

Susan R Elliston
I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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