Can Cavapoos Eat Raw Meat?

One of the most important things that you will decide as a pet parent is what your favorite canine eats. Regardless of breed or age, diet makes a difference when meeting nutrition requirements.

Cavapoos or Cavadoodles is a mixed breed. This breed was created by crossing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel together with a Poodle. This designer breed will inherit the personality traits and physical attributes of both parent breeds.

Amazing family pets, the Cavapoo became a designer pet when breeders in Australia began to breed them intentionally toward the end of the 1990s.

As poodles shed less, there was a desire to create dogs more adapted to allergy sufferers and the intelligence of the poodle mixed with the calm personality of the Cavalier King seemed to be a winning combination. The popularity of this mixed breed seems to bear this out.

Can Cavapoos Eat Raw Meat

Cavapoos will be small to medium-sized dogs and their dietary needs will be in keeping with their size. Most will weigh in the 25 lb. range.

Health needs that can influence diet will also be in keeping with their genetic forebearers. Health considerations that are common to the pet parents include:

      • Congenital cardiac arrest
      • Retinal atrophy that is progressive
      • Slipping of the kneecaps
      • Potential weight gain

Dietary needs will reflect the life stage and will change from when they are puppies to when they reach adulthood. Because there is much variation in individual dogs, your veterinarian can recommend how to proceed with your particular pooch.

The Cavapoo Diet

While pet stores and supermarkets will be packed with hundreds of food alternatives for your dog, it is important to remember that dogs are carnivores and will not survive on a diet that is not predominantly meat protein. 

Is Raw Meat Good for My Cavapoo?

Throughout evolution, the canine digestive tract has not been altered in any significant way from their undomesticated wolf forefathers.

The canine anatomy and digestive tract anatomy should be front and center when selecting nourishment. For this reason, a prey-based, high-protein diet is the most appropriate choice for a Cavapoo.

The canine stomach is not formed to be able to digest large amounts of carbohydrates and to ferment them. Carbohydrates are the principal ingredients in most commercial dog kibble. The so-called grain-free formulas also contain high percentages of carbohydrates found in peas, lentils, and legumes.

By feeding this type of diet to your dog, it will inevitably stress the digestive tract in some measure. It will also increase levels of insulin glucagon and cortisol, which can, in turn, increase inflammation and strain organs vital to survival.

While canines have proven throughout time to be resilient and adaptable, that doesn’t mean that they will not be stressed. 

Is Raw Meat Good for My Cavapoo

The Canine Gut

Gut health is central to overall health, whether it be for humans or canines. An unhealthy gut condition can impede the absorption of nutrients and contribute to an immune response that is imbalanced.

The canine gut contains both good and bad bacteria and is an ecosystem unto itself. Clearly, the predominance of bad gut bacteria can lead to any number of illnesses and health issues.

Most health problems can be in some measure traced back to or influenced by an unhealthy gut condition. A raw diet, in contrast to diets containing processed foods, will support good gut bacteria for digestive tract health.

The Canine Immune System

This is your Cavapoo’s mechanism for protecting the body. When it functions well, it will contrast toxins and pathogens that threaten your pooch’s health.

The gut is a large part of the immune system, so when feeding raw meat to your dog you will be boosting the immune system, particularly in the absorption of nutrients.

Cavapoo Weight

Regardless of the breed, your dog should maintain a healthy weight for its size and breed. Cavapoos are known to tend for weight gain, so a proper diet must ensure that pooch is receiving an appropriately proportioned amount of protein, healthy fat, vegetables, and ground bone.

Food quantity will depend largely on your Cavapoo’s

      • Age
      • Size
      • Metabolism
      • Amount of daily physical exercise
      • Food quality

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Benefits of a Raw Meat Diet

When selecting to feed your Cavapoo a raw meat diet, there will be some benefits. Among these, consider:

• Reduction of flatulence and smell. Because raw meat has a higher nutritional content, it will be mostly absorbed and utilized, meaning less waste and less gas.

• Reduction or the elimination of bad breath. Poor digestion and gum disease are the primary factors behind doggy bad breath.

With the introduction of a raw eat diet, dental health is improved, and sugars found in processed foods are eliminated. Raw meat bones can help with teeth cleaning.

Benefits of a Raw Meat Diet

• Improved skin and fur coat health. With the elimination of many of the ingredients found in processed foods, skin conditions such as dandruff, itchy, skin, and hair loss should disappear.

A proper diet will contribute to increased vitality, reduced depression, bad behavior, and anxiety, less inflammatory conditions, and increased agility.

Are Supplements Necessary with a Raw Meat Diet?

Before adding any supplements to your Cavapoo’s diet, consult your veterinarian. After a complete check, your vet will be able to tell you if there are dietary deficiencies and which supplements to integrate into your Cavapooo’s diet.

Can Cavapoos Eat Raw Meat?

Absolutely. As one of the many canine evolutionary heirs to the wild predator wolf, the Cavapoo is genetically predisposed for a raw food diet, 80% of which should be prey-based, high-protein meat.

As carnivores, they are genetically engineered to ingest raw meat and to absorb all necessary nutrients and proteins from this primary food source.

When choosing to feed your Cavapoo raw meat, do begin with a trip to your veterinarian for an evaluation of your dog’s overall health and to discuss how to proceed with a raw meat diet.

Your vet will be able to assist you by indicating which raw meats, the portion sizes for your particular dog as well as any dietary supplements that your doctor may deem necessary.

Yes, your Cavapoo can eat raw meat, and aside from a tasty meal, will most likely feel all the better for it.

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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