Can Cockatoo Eat Raw Oatmeal?

Ever thought how wonderful it would be if you and your adorable cockatoo are having breakfast at the same breakfast table, eating oats and watching news?

Although your cockatoo might not be able to understand the news you are watching, it can certainly share a healthy oatmeal with you.

In fact, as long as you know when and how to incorporate raw oatmeal into your cockatoo’s feeding plan, it will stimulate your cockatoo’s growth and give it necessary proteins to stay active, chirping and squawking all day long.

As a conscious pet-parent of a lovely cockatoo, learn how to set the perfect meal for your cockatoo in just a few minutes!

Can Cockatoo Eat Raw Oatmeal

Why Not the Cooked Oatmeal?

Now since you already know that you can feed oatmeal to your cockatoo, the first question that comes to mind when you think of the perfect meal is- which is the better alternative, a sumptuous cooked oatmeal like the one you have or a boring mix of uncooked oatmeal that’s bland to taste and hard to chew?

For you, the answer might be the former, but your cockatoo wouldn’t hesitate before choosing the latter!

Why, you ask? Well, let’s dive a little deeper into it.

A healthy oatmeal usually includes water, milk (whether it be cow’s milk, coconut milk, or any other plant-based milk), and of course, good ol’ regular or instant oats.

Rich in fiber and protein, an oatmeal is one of the healthiest ways to start the day, both for you and your cockatoo.

There’s a high chance that your pet will become an instant fan of your cooking since cockatoos have an amazing sense of taste but it might not be the safest feeding option for them.

Cooked oatmeal is sticky, viscous, and tacky. And therefore, it tends to stick around cockatoos’ beaks more often than not. It poses a risk of choking to them and especially the baby cockatoos, who haven’t adapted to the variety of foods you’re serving them yet.

Uncooked Oatmeal- The Safer and More Exciting Choice

Uncooked oatmeals, on the other hand, are just as tasty for your pet while being much safer and exciting.

Safer, as it is of the same size as various popular bird’s seeds and therefore, easier for cockatoos to chew and digest. Also because it contains nutrients like carbohydrates that are not available in all kinds of seed mixes and pellets.

Uncooked Oatmeal

Exciting, because cockatoos, like other birds, are natural foragers and adventurers. They go out of their way to hunt for their food and eating raw oats can satisfy their craving of hunting for food.

While feeding it though, remember to place a bowl of water nearby and serve it oatmeal in small servings. Oats are rich in iron but overfeeding can make them susceptible to diseases arising from iron-storage in their bodies.

With this, you can now begin to make the boring feeding process safer and more interesting for both you and your little feathered friend as you play around and experiment with the ingredients you can add to your cockatoo’s favorite meal of the day.

When is The Best Time For an Oatmeal?

 We all know that answer to that, don’t we?

Oatmeals are best given as a breakfast snack to cockatoos but that’s not all.

Oatmeals shouldn’t be given regularly as cockatoos have delicate stomachs and digestive systems. In addition, the store-bought oats usually contain some amount of Vitamin C in them which can be a bad choice for the cockatoos.

Other than problems relating to the stomach, regularly feeding it oatmeals would make it susceptible to certain diseases and affect its taste.

What that means is that once your cockatoo is hooked onto your oatmeal, it wouldn’t want to eat other kinds of pellets and bird’s seeds at all, which would interfere with its balanced diet and cause some behavioral issues.

Simply put, your sweet little cockatoo might suddenly start acting like a spoiled child and everyone knows how annoying they can be.

So, it’s better to regulate time to feed your cockatoo and only occasionally give it its favorite oatmeal.

Is Oatmeal the Perfect Solution?

Although raw oatmeal has numerous benefits for both you and your pet, it is important to have some considerations in mind-

1.) Firstly and most importantly, it cannot replace the primary feed, which would consist of at least half the pellets made for cockatoos, a mix of selective bird seeds and nuts, and finally some dried fruits and veggies. It is important to ensure that your cockatoo’s diet stays healthy and balanced.

2.) The oatmeal that you provide them should have bare minimum or no milk content since cockatoos have sensitive digestive systems. But if milk is to be added, then almond milk or coconut milk is preferable.

3.) Only give oatmeals in small servings. These little birdies, like us, can be very careless and gluttonous when it comes to their diet.

4.) Remember to clean their feeders everyday, whether it contains old pellets, seeds, or oats. With this, you can ensure that your cockatoo eats fresh and stays fresh throughout the day.

5.) Keep in mind that while cockatoos are as sweet as they can be, sugar has an adverse affect on their health. Therefore, if you’re making a sweet dish for your little one, ensure that the sugar content is bare minimum.

6.) For the curious cockatoo, even more important than an oatmeal is fresh veggies and a fruit medley every day.

So, of course you would need to find its favorites gradually over time but ensure that the servings are small and varied. Fruits and veggies should consist of around a fourth of its diet.

7.) Don’t worry about making the perfect arrangement. As long as you get the right ingredients in the right mix, your pal would eat it all delightfully, even if it has to jump around and fly for it.

So, to answer the question, oatmeals are not the perfect solution for your little friend’s diet but it is perfect to feed them a nutritious oatmeal once in a while. 

Pellets Vs Seeds and Oats

When in their natural surroundings, these cheeky little birds cause lots of damage to corn crops of farmers.

They prefer eating various fruits such as apples, bananas, peaches, grapes, and strawberries, nuts such as walnuts and cashews, and seeds such as rambutan and papaya.

Bird’s seed mixes are therefore important to keep the little one cheerful and entertained.

But more often than not, when given seeds and seed mixes, these cock-y little pets would pick their favorite ones, often those containing more fats than other nutrients and leave the rest.

Occasionally, they would also eat insects such as crickets but you’re not going to catch crickets for your little pal, are you?

Imagine how wonderful it would be if someone could make pellets for our dietary needs and we wouldn’t need to eat anything else at all! Well, it might not be entirely possible for us but our little cockatoos have that choice.

Pellets Vs Seeds and Oats

Pellets formulated for cockatoos, therefore, make up a majority of their diet and it’s important to start feeding them pellets from an early age, otherwise they might not like them at all!

Now that’s where our oatmeal comes into picture. You can mix anything, and by that I mean anything nutritious that your immature pal doesn’t like, into its oatmeal, whether it be its medicines, dried fruits and veggies, nuts, or pellets, and make it as colorful and appetizing as possible.

This will ensure that even while its mouth is full of its favorite delicacy, it isn’t compromising its health and taking care of its delicate body.

How to Make the Tastiest and Healthiest Meal for Your Cockatoo?

The answer to this lies in three magical words – “Know Your Cockatoo”.

We humans spend hours upon hours pondering the uniqueness of our existence. What makes us special? What makes us interesting? Well, your cockatoo is just as unique as you are!

It might prefer one kind of bird mix and neglect another. It might prefer seed mixes over pellets. Or it might even prefer an oatmeal so much that it starts to cutely turn its head when presented with pellets, fruits, or seed mixes.

You can easily discover what your little pal finds the most appetizing by regular observations of the reactions of your adorable pet to its feed.

But what if the meal or the pellet your cockatoo is ignoring is actually the healthier alternative?

Well the solution to that is actually pretty simple. You can mix the bland and healthier foods together with the tastier and relatively less nutritious treats and serve it. Wondering how to do that without being restrained by its picky beak?

Here are some quick tips for you-

1. Ground-up pellets and seeds that are crucial for its health and mix them in your birdie’s diet. It’s better if you add small quantities of fruits and dried vegetables that it likes as well.

2. If possible, regularly use organic grains, nuts, fruits, veggies and seeds into the mix.

3. Chicken, meat, sprouts, and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt can also be given to them or added into the mix, but only in very small quantities.

4. You can make oatmeal flakes, oatmeal cookies(without sugar, of course), oatmeal cake with lard or suet as the base, and even more creative dishes that you like.

Just let your creativity run wild as you mix and create dishes with the ingredients that are healthy for your little birdie.

Secondary Benefits of Oatmeals to You and Your Cockatoo 

Now that you’re familiar with the process of cooking the perfect oatmeal for your cockatoo, it’s time to take a little advantage of it.

Preparing the perfect oatmeal requires the knowledge of its favorite foods and once you are familiar with your little pal’s favorites, you can begin training your cockatoo to perform interesting gimmicks, speak words, copy your actions, and learn even more by using your oatmeals as a treat.

You can also buy puzzle boxes and serve oatmeals in even smaller portions to make the feeding process seem more like a hunting adventure to the little bird. Intelligent cockatoos can develop incredibly with such creative ideas.

Concluding Thoughts

While oatmeals are indeed a healthy and nutrient rich snack for the cockatoos, too much of anything good is too bad.

You need to be mindful of giving them a balanced diet, and for that, the oatmeals that your little pal gets must contain the other critical nutrients that its growing body and intelligent mind needs such as grounded pellets and bird’s seeds and fresh fruits and veggies.

So, have you decided? How are you going to cook the perfect oatmeal for your birdie? Whatever it is, just be as creative as you can, both while cooking and feeding and have fun!

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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