Which Filter Is Appropriate for My Axolotl’s Tank?
Canister filters are a great choice for capacity and water flow. But there are a few drawbacks when selecting. They are more expensive because they have more than one filtering chamber, offer high output, and have great design. They also ensure the cleanest water.
Why Is My Axolotl Floating? (Explained)
For an axolotl, floating can be a perfectly normal activity, but it can also be symptomatic of something incredibly more serious that regards your pet directly or its aquatic environment.
Will Adult Axolotls Eat Babies?
Axolotls will eat their babies and they will also eat their eggs. This can appear to be a huge problem for breeders, but with proper separation of the parent axolotls from the eggs, breeding is much easier!
Can You Put Ice Cubes in an Axolotl’s Tank?
Many axolotl parents do add ice cubes into their pet’s tank. You can put in a few ice cubes, but you will need to have others ready and accessible as the inserted cubes thaw.
8 Things to Know Before Acquiring an Axolotl
Axolotl is not a well-known pet, so pet parents wonder if they are difficult to care for and if they are suitable as beginner pets. Here are a few things that merit some attention before you acquire an axolotl.
How Many Pellets Should Be Fed to an Axolotl per Meal?
The quantity of pellets you feed your axolotl will differ depending on the axolotl’s age. This will especially be true in the first 6 to 12 months of age.
Can 2 Axolotls Live Together?
Two axolotls of same size should not pose a danger to each other, however, if you place a smaller axolotl with a larger one, chances are that the small amphibian will end up on the dinner menu.
How Long Can Axolotls Remain Out of Water?
There is no specific time rule regarding how long an axolotl can remain out of its aquatic habitat, but your pet’s health may be compromised within minutes of it leaving the water.
How Often Do Axolotls Eat?
Adult axolotls need to eat several two to three times weekly. On the days when they are not fed, they will be digesting and assimilate the nutrients from their food. Young axolotls need to be fed daily.
Why Do Axolotls Bite?
Well, Axolotls do have a tendency to bite things that come in close contact with them. But this in no way implies that these creatures are dangerous or aggressive in any form. Axolotls have relatively soft and short teeth.
9 Best Plants For Axolotls
Are you thinking about adopting an axolotl or renewing your pet’s aquarium tanks with new plants? Not every type of plant is ideal for the axolotl. The wrong plant can die, decompose, and increase ammonia in your pet’s tank.
Is Fine Gravel OK For Axolotl?
Gravel is NOT the best choice for an axolotl tank as they tend to be small, and an axie can ingest anything that fits its mouth easily. This will cause major health issues such as gut problems and even death. 
Do Axolotls Need an Air Pump? 
Axolotls are amphibians and not exactly a fish. So, it may not be necessary. Axolotl pumps or bubblers are not needed as the filter does the job really well. Dive in and explore the answers!  
How to Help a Stressed Axolotl (10 Symptoms and 8 Tips)
When an axolotl is stressed, it will send out a variety of signals for you to interpret. Many of these symptoms will appear to be the same as when your pet is ill.
Can Axolotls Live with Fish?
Yes, the axolotls can live with other fish and freshwater species. One of the two, however, will probably suffer and die sooner or later. It is in the best interest of your axolotls that they are isolated.
How Do You Give an Axolotl a Tea Bath?
Ideally, you have to brew the tea for 10 to 15 minutes and let it cool down. This is when you give a bath to your axie carefully. They’re delicate creatures, so go easy. Discover all about tea baths for axolotls.
Do Axolotls Like Vibration? (6 Facts)
Yes, axolotls do like vibration. That said, we don't mean blast a music system right next to the aquarium! Axolotls utilize certain sound frequencies only. Anything above or below is going to irritate them.
How Often Does an Axolotl Poop?
If axolotls are eating twice a day, they will poop every other day. Usually, they would poop the next day. Any change in color or consistency will tell you the state of their health. 
What are Some Good Names for Axolotls? 
Since you are thinking of getting an axie home, you might have to choose a good name for it. After all, a proud parent needs a proud name for cute pets, don't they? Let’s dive in! 
How Long Should I Cycle My Tank Before Adding an Axolotl? 
The Mexican walking fish or the Axolotl’s tank needs to be cycled for at least 6 to 8 weeks. It depends on the ammonia and nitrate level. 
Can You Feed Axolotls Ham? (6 Best Foods)
Ham is processed meat, so giving anything processed to your axolotl can be dangerous. There are many other food options that work well, and that’s precisely why you need to read this full post.
Do Stores Sell Axolotl? (Complete Buying Guide)
There are some parts in the United States where you can find axolotls. Some exotic pet stores have axolotls, but you need to check if it’s even allowed in your state.
Can My Axolotl Hear Me? (The Definitive Guide)
Axolotls can hear, but it’s rudimentary. The ear system is quite different from the ones human beings have. An Axolotl is good at detecting low-frequency sounds.
Do Axolotls Need Affection?
Axolotls are very intelligent and they like affection (in their own ways, though). They won't really require lots of cuddles and belly rubs (if that's what you need, get a pupper), but they do require attention. 
What Color Will My Axolotls Be? (17 Colors)
Axolotls are available in so many colors because they're crossbred in the labs. The very fact that they can regenerate limbs makes them one of the most fascinating species for scientists.