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How Do Budgies Sleep? (Facts and Positions)
The perched position is the favorite sleeping position for a budgie in a cage too. But, since cages aren't exactly the same as a tree is, there are other sleeping positions for a pet budgie. 
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How Hard Do Cockatoos Bite?
Cockatoos DO bite. If you have a cockatoo at home, you might want to know about how hard they bite and why they bite. There’s a whole lot of information right here, so dive right in. 
Can Cockatoos Eat Coconut? Top 4 Facts And 4 Myths Unraveled!
We're delighted to inform you that cockatoos can eat coconut meat and also drink coconut oil and coconut water. Let's discuss about cockatoos and coconuts. 
Can Cockatoos Eat Figs – 3 Facts & 2 Myths Revealed
Cockatoos CAN eat figs, but you have to ensure that you don’t feed them too much of it. Fig is sticky and sweet, so a cockatoo might feel tempted to eat lots of it.
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What Does It Mean When Parakeets Kiss? (4 Reasons)
Parakeets might be kissing because they’re hungry or it could also be a fight. There’s a chance your parakeets like each other and are showing affection.
Can Parakeets Eat Radishes?
Parakeets can eat radishes. Not just eat, they relish the taste! When fed in moderate, calculated amounts, radish can take care of your parakeet's heart, feathers, bones, and whatnot.
Will A Parakeet Die Of Loneliness?
The parakeet is naturally chatty, so a quiet bird is an unwelcome sign - it may indicate depression or other illnesses. They are hardwired to be social, and days of alone time can cause damage to them.