How Hard Do Cockatoos Bite?
Cockatoos DO bite. If you have a cockatoo at home, you might want to know about how hard they bite and why they bite. There’s a whole lot of information right here, so dive right in. 
Can Cockatoos Eat Coconut? Top 4 Facts And 4 Myths Unraveled!
We're delighted to inform you that cockatoos can eat coconut meat and also drink coconut oil and coconut water. Let's discuss about cockatoos and coconuts. 
Can Cockatoos Eat Figs – 3 Facts & 2 Myths Revealed
Cockatoos CAN eat figs, but you have to ensure that you don’t feed them too much of it. Fig is sticky and sweet, so a cockatoo might feel tempted to eat lots of it.
Can Yogurt Be Eaten by Cockatoos?
A cockatoo in its natural habitat, would never find any dairy products or have access to them. And cockatoos are lactose-intolerant, meaning that they cannot digest the lactose contained in these food.
Can Cockatoo Eat Raw Oatmeal?
Raw oatmeal into your cockatoo’s feeding plan will stimulate your cockatoo’s growth and give it the necessary proteins to stay active, chirping and squawking all day long but you should know how and when to give.
Are Honey Nut Cheerios Safe for Cockatoos? 
Honey Nut cheerios are high in sugar which isn’t good for your cockatoo. However, the original cheerios that don’t have any sweeteners are good enough for your little cockatoo. 
Can Cockatoos Crack Walnuts? 4 Facts and 3 Myths Unraveled!
Putting things into perspective, our answer is NO. Cockatoo can seriously damage their beaks and their tongue trying to crack walnuts.