What Does It Mean When Parakeets Kiss? (4 Reasons)
Parakeets might be kissing because they’re hungry or it could also be a fight. There’s a chance your parakeets like each other and are showing affection.
Can Parakeets Eat Radishes?
Parakeets can eat radishes. Not just eat, they relish the taste! When fed in moderate, calculated amounts, radish can take care of your parakeet's heart, feathers, bones, and whatnot.
Will A Parakeet Die Of Loneliness?
The parakeet is naturally chatty, so a quiet bird is an unwelcome sign - it may indicate depression or other illnesses. They are hardwired to be social, and days of alone time can cause damage to them.
Why Does My Parakeet Shake? 
We would like you to know that shaking in birds is not always a problem. It can just be a result of something as ordinary as preening. If the shaking persists or frequently, it might be a concern.
Are Green Cheek Conures Allowed to Eat Watermelon?
Green Cheek conure can eat watermelon and the seeds and rinds as well. Watermelon comes with some benefits, including water, vitamins, and minerals.
Do Parakeets Sleep During the Day?
It's all right if your parakeet sleeps during the daytime. Naps of 30 to 45 minutes will be fine as long as your bird doesn’t sleep for longer periods. After a daytime nap, your budgie should wake up energized.
How Much Does a Parakeet Weigh?
Generally, a healthy parakeet will weigh between 1.1 and 1.4 ounces which is the same as 25 to 36 grams of weight. If your bird weighs less than 1.1, this suggests malnutrition.
Why Is My Parakeet Standing on One Leg?
The principal reason for a parakeet standing only on one leg is that he or she is resting the other one. If the environmental temperature is a bit cold, your bird may choose to stand on one leg to preserve heat.