How Many Hours Does a Beagle Sleep?
If you’ve just welcomed a Beagle into your home and your life, you’ve probably noticed your new best friend likes to sleep approximately 12 to 14 hours daily as an adult.
How Long Should You Walk a Beagle? 
Walks should be 20 to 30 minutes long and the pace should be brisk. Adult beagles love long walks, but you have to be watchful they’re not exhausted or out of breath. 
Are Beagle Puppies Hyper? (Tips to Calm Down)
Fear not, beagle puppies are incredibly active and can appear hyper during their first year of life. You should notice gradual change through to their 2nd birthday.
Do Beagles Like to Swim? (In-Depth Guide)
Beagles hate the water, especially if they’re not exposed to it at an early stage. Some baegale like it because they learnt swimming in their childhood, but others hate the idea of jumping into the pool.