Can English Bulldogs Wear Collars?
YES, all English Bulldogs can wear collars as long as the collar is the correct size for your dog’s neck and is made of a material that does not harm your pooch. Collars help with dog identification.
Is My Frenchie Too Skinny?
If you stand above your Frenchie and bend down to feel your dog’s body you should be able to feel your Frenchie’s ribs, each rib. If you can see your dog’s ribs clearly, then indeed, your pooch may be too skinny.
Can Bulldogs Sleep Outside? (Hot and Cold Weather)
Yes, both extremes of temperature, either too hot or too cold can affect your bulldog, and therefore, they require a moderate temperature for the healthy functioning.
Do Bulldogs Get Cold Easily?
Bulldogs do not tolerate extreme temperatures well. Anytime a temperature goes below freezing, it’s going to be a problem. If one figures in the wind chill factor, things get worse!
Do Frenchies Like Water?
French Bulldogs not only like the water, they love it. Unfortunately, they aren’t built for it. These dogs tend to be heavier in the front half of their bodies which will complicate their buoyancy and potentially cause them to sink.