Do Cavapoos Have A Double Coat?
Cavapoos are known to have double coats. One can easily recognize this by checking the length and texture of their coats. The undercoat is usually shorter, softer and more closely packed than the topcoat.
Do Cavapoos Have Separation Anxiety?
Cavapoos, just like any breed or mixed breed canine can suffer from separation anxiety. This disorder is not specific to one or more breeds. Do not punish or scold your dog!
What To Look For When Buying A Cavapoo?
Adopting a Cavapoo is a financial investment as well as an emotional one, so it’s worth your while to investigate your breeder and assess the puppy before making a definitive choice.
Which Color Cavapoo Is Most Expensive?
Black cavapoos can be quite expensive, and it’s rare to find a pure black-coat one. Even though red cavapoos are more commonly found, they can be quite expensive – more than a black cavapoo. 
How Often Should I Brush My Cavapoo?
Ideally, you should brush their hair daily, but if you don't have that much time, then thrice a week is good enough. There will be times that thrice a week won’t be enough. You will get to know!
Can Cavapoos Eat Raw Meat?
Absolutely. As one of the many canine evolutionary heirs to the wild predator wolf, Cavapoo is genetically predisposed for a raw food diet, 80% of which should be prey-based, high-protein meat.
Why Are Cavapoo Puppies So Expensive?
Cavapoos are in increasingly high demand, and this pushes their market value upward with what can be a hefty price tag for a companion dog. As non-shedding friendly dogs, this breed has grown in popularity.
When Should I Start Training My Cavapoo Puppy?
If you have welcomed a Cavapoo puppy into your home or are expecting one soon, you’ll want to know how to prepare your puppy for his or her new life with you.