7 Reasons Dachshund Puppy so Aggressive (10 Ways to Manage It)
Yes, Dachshunds are one amongst the most aggressive breeds and they cannot help it but own it to their genes as they were bred hunters and relied on killing their prey!
Is it Better to Have One Dachshund or Two?
The reason why having two dachshunds is better is because they’re pack animals. Dachshunds like to have a companion. This way you will have double the energy at home. 
Why are Dachshunds so Emotional? 
Dachshunds cry when they leave their siblings (from the same litter) or their parents because they crave love and attention. Separation anxiety is fairly common in dachshunds. 
How Do You Bathe a Dachshund? (Step By Step)
Dog shampoo, conditioner, a towel, a brush, and dog treats are needed for bathing a dachshund. You can bathe your dachshund at home by following some easy steps.