German Shepherds

13 Ways German Shepherds Show Love
German Shepherds are highly gifted and intelligent dogs and exceptionally loyal and devoted to their owners. There can be no doubt of this because believe it or not, your Shepherd shows love in a number of ways.
How Can My German Shepherd Smell Better?
A German Shepherd may have an odor due to its dietary habits, a lack of care and grooming, or even from a dirty dog house or an unclean bed. This said dog smells can be reduced and managed...
Why Does My German Shepherd Chew Everything?
It’s important to provide your German Shepherd with chew toys although a selection of toys alone will not be sufficient to prevent chewing where it’s not wanted.
How Do I Know if My German Shepherd Is Happy?
If you are the lucky pet parent of a German Shepherd, this noble breed of heroic working dogs will use his body to let you know his thinking and feeling.
How Cold is Too Cold for German Shepherd?
German Shepherds are revered for their bravery in challenging situations. They can be outside in temperatures as low as -1°C, and long-haired Shepherds can manage somewhat colder.
9 Reasons German Shepherd Puts Its Ears Back
Ears provide one of the best indications of what your pooch is thinking, and this is particularly true in the case of a German Shepherd.
How Can My German Shepherd Burn More Energy? (11 Ideas)
Apart from a daily walk, consider the following ideas to help you get your German Shepherd to burn some of that excess energy.
How Long Can a German Shepherd Run at Full Speed?
The German Shepherd is an exceptionally fast dog breed. It can beat out a human in the 100-meters dash by over 2 seconds running at 7.4 seconds.
Top 13 Snacks That German Shepherds Like 
German Shepherds like to eat bananas, beef, peanut butter, carrots, and pizza crust. There are many German Shepherd parents who offer hot dogs to their pets and it doesn’t really upset their stomachs.