Do Beagles Like to Swim? (In-Depth Guide)

Beagle is one of the most adorable dog breeds to have. They’re adorable, funny, and loving. Did you know they were bred for hunting? 

Well, that’s true, but this doesn’t mean they are not loving or caring. Beagles love to be with their family, but their stubborn attitude could make their parent’s life hard at times. 

One of the most crucial questions pet parents ask is whether beagles like to swim or not. 

Beagles hate the water, especially if they’re not exposed to it at an early stage. Some baegale like it because they learnt swimming in their childhood, but others hate the idea of jumping into the pool. 

Do Beagles Like to Swim

Let’s shed some more light on this subject. Read on to find out more about whether a beagle likes to swim and a lot more on the personality traits of these protective, adorable dogs.

Does a beagle like water? 

Like some other dog breeds, beagles are not exactly keen on getting drenched in the rain or showering. 

They don’t mind an occasional bath or playing with other dogs in water and mud. However, some puppers will be reluctant for the very first time. But, the if they see another dog jumping in, they might try and imitate them.

When a beagle is inside the water, their natural instinct will kick in. They are not exactly water dogs, but in a controlled environment, they will be happy.  

So, be mindful of how your beagle reacts when in a pool. If there are any signs of stress, it’s a better idea to take the dog out of the pool!

Can a beagle swim? 

Absolutely! Beagles have a natural instinct to swim. In fact, almost all of the dogs can swim – it comes naturally to them. 

There’s a chance they might hesitate going into the water, but there is no danger as such. 

If your beagle isn’t going inside the pool, it’s not because the dog is scared of drowning, it’s because your dog hates the idea of swimming. 

Beagles love being outdoors, so swimming can be a good exercise. You need to introduce a pool or a water body to them at an early stage. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

♦ Take your beagle puppies for a pool day. 

♦ You won’t even realize that they will start doing their signature doggy paddle style when you look away. 

♦ If your beagle is nervous about going into the water, you should put a life jacket on them so that they know they’re safe. 

Does a beagle like to swim? 

Beagles were bred for hunting games such as hares and rabbits. They were used in large packs for tracking their prey and spending all day outside with their parents. 

When they would go out to hunt, there would be varying terrains and encounters with brooks, streams, ponds, creeks, and many water bodies. 

Beagles are natural at swimming. They would negotiate with the water obstructions efficiently. There was no moment when a beagle would stop because there’s water on the way. 

Perhaps a beagle won’t be the first one to jump into the water, but they CAN swim. A Beagle has a stubborn attitude, so they might be reluctant to swim. 

Give them early training so that they’re happy to jump in whenever you take them out to a pond, lake, or a pool. 

It’s tough to generalize that all beagles love water. Some of them hate it and others feel comfortable swimming in the pool because they were introduced to it at an early stage. 

Swimming Lessons for Beagles: Is it easy to train them? 

Beagles are not exactly easy to train. This is due to their stubborn behavior. Maybe you need a little bit of treats and some patience to teach them how to swim. 

The doggy paddle comes naturally to them, but your beagle would need a fair bit of confidence to jump in the swimming pool without any hesitation. 

Make sure the environment is safe for your beagle to swim in. In case it’s an open water body, your beagle would need a lifejacket. 

Don’t let them swim in lakes and ponds without a life jacket. In fact, don’t let them swim in water bodies that have crocodiles and alligators. You don’t want your precious beagles to be a meal of some predator.

Top 5 Reasons Why Swimming is an Excellent Exercise for Beagles 

Wondering whether swimming is a good exercise for your beagle? Well, we have highlighted the top 5 reasons why it is an excellent exercise for your pooch. 

1.) Best for cooling down 

When summer season sets in, your dog feels hot and uncomfortable. This is the best time to dip into a pool and cool off. 

In case you don’t have a swimming pool, an inflatable paddle pool would be good for your beagle. In case you are heading out for a picnic, make sure you take your beagle out too. 

If they are trained to swim and are comfortable with water, they would love to jump in and enjoy a swim session. 

2.) A joint-friendly and low impact activity 

Some beagles have joint issues; thus, you need to pick activities that don’t put too much pressure on the joints. 

Swimming is a low impact workout for your beagles. It won’t have any negative impact on your beagle’s joints. Older beagles will enjoy it. 

3.) Weight loss 

Beagles love to feast on all kinds of foods. If your beagle is getting overweight, you might need them to indulge in activities that aid weight loss. 

Swimming is an excellent activity for beagles. 10 minutes of swimming is equivalent to 40 minutes of walking. 

Your beagle will be in good shape if they get to swim 10 minutes in a day. Perhaps take them out for a swim once or twice a week. 

4.) Better Health 

As already mentioned, your beagle might be having a joint issue. Arthritis is fairly common in beagles. Thus, a low impact activity like swimming helps in rehabilitation. 

Aquatic therapy has become fairly popular for beagles. Find the nearest aquatic therapy session for your beagles as it would be helpful for them. It helps in maintaining muscle mass. 

5.) Exercise and Plenty of Stimulation 

When your beagles swim, they get plenty of mental and physical stimulation. It will tire them out easily and they will sleep for most part of the day. 

Exercising is crucial for beagles – in fact, all kinds of dogs. Since beagles suffer from separation anxiety, you might want to tire them off before leaving for work. 

Must-Have Beagle Swimming Gear – REVEALED 

Thinking of giving swimming lessons to your beagle? If the answer’s a YES, we have listed some of the best swimming gear you need. 

1.) ASENKU Life Jacket

High grade fabric is used for making this efficient life jacket. It provides water safety for beagles. 

Use the sizing guideline to buy the perfect size life jacket for your beagle. When you’re stepping out for a swim session with your dog, make sure you have a life jacket for them.

2.) SUNFURA Life Jacket 

SUNFURA life jacket is cute and it’s available in different colors as well. You can pick the perfect one for your beagle. It has a handle and D-ring. Moreover, the product offers double protection as well. 

3.) PetBoBo Waterproof Swimming Goggles 

If your beagle is already a pro at swimming, you would need waterproof swimming goggles for them. 

This product will help block out the sun and shall protect your baby’s eyes while swimming. It has a perfect fit and is adjustable as well. 

4.) Portable Foldable Pool for Dogs

Some beagles enjoy swimming because they were taught to get comfortable with water when they were just puppies. 

If you want to introduce swimming to your beagle pup too, get a portable foldable pool for them. This will be a good start for them. It’s durable, stable, and provides some cooling fun for your beagles. 

Still have queries in your head? 

Here’s a quick FAQs section that answers most of your queries. 


1. Do beagles like to swim?

Every dog is an individual. In general, beagles are not very fond of water. But some of them enjoy the activity on a warm and sunny day. 

Perhaps you need to get them started at a very young stage, so that they like the idea of swimming. 

Although beagles have webbed feet and it helps them swim efficiently, they are not exactly fond of swimming. 

2. How much exercise does a beagle need?

A 10-minute walk twice a day is enough for a beagle. Don’t tire them off by letting them out for too long. 

Swimming is a good exercise, but it will tire them out easily. They need mental stimulation as well, so make sure there are plenty of games like treasure hunt or fetch. 

3. What are beagles bred for? 

Beagles were bred for hunting small games like rodents and rabbits. They alert their parents with their howl. 

4. Why do beagles have webbed feet?  

Beagles have webbed feet because they were bred for hunting games like rabbits and rodents. 

These creatures live near water bodies; thus, the webbed feet allow the beagle to swim efficiently. 

5. Is swimming a good exercise for beagles?

Ten minutes of swimming is enough for your beagle. It is equivalent to 40 minutes of walking. 

Swimming can stretch their joints for quick recovery as well. In case your beagle has certain health conditions, swimming will be a good activity for them. 

6. How often should you give a bath to your beagle?

Beagles don’t need a weekly bath. If the coat hasn’t been soiled, they would need a bath once in 45 to 60 days. 

Giving them too many baths will dry out their furry and silky coat; thus, you should avoid overdoing it. 

7. Do beagles hate water? 

Most beagles hate water simply because they feel it’s dangerous or they weren’t taught how to swim. 

Funnily, every dog knows how to swim and beagles have webbed feet for a reason. Perhaps you could teach them how to swim in a controlled environment where they feel safe. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Some beagles like to swim and others don’t. You have to ensure that your beagle gets exposure to swimming pools, ponds, and other water bodies at an early age. 

They won’t drown, but it is advisable to put a life jacket on them. If they get to learn the art of swimming at an early stage, they will love it throughout their lifetime. 

Here’s your chance to train them!

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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