Why Does My Dog Bury his Head in Me? (10 Reasons)

If you are a dog owner, you would know for sure that a dog exhibits numerous behavioral patterns to show its emotions and feelings towards its owner.

While a few activities can be distinctive of a particular breed or a particular pet, there are certain habits and activities which are common to many and one among them is burying their head in you (your lap or shoulder).

And while you might find it a common act of all dogs in general, you might not be aware of the specific reasons behind the deed and so am I here with this article to make you aware of…

Why does your dog bury his head in your lap?

Plainly, burying the head of your dog in you might just appear to be a sign of affection, love and warmth, yet there might be other causes behind it such as being scared of certain things, feeling lonely, demanding more time from you, seeking help from you, not feeling very active and so on…

Why Does My Dog Bury his Head in Me

Curious to learn more about your furry tail that whether this particular act is a thing of concern or a normal one???

Scroll on to discover…

10 Reasons why your dog buries his head in you

If you really enjoy the snuggly burying head of your dog in you, it should not be much of a concern for you to know the reasons behind it, but if it is an act your dog has picked up recently or do it very seldom, that might be a matter of speculation or introspection on your side!

So, let’s learn about the various possible reasons why your dog buries its head in your lap so that you get to understand him better:

1.) Your dog just loves you way too much

The very first and the most obvious reason that your dog buries its head in you is that it loves you more than your imagination and wants to express that to you by doing so. It thinks that when it keeps its head in you, you will get warmth both physically and emotionally.

2.) Your dog might be feeling less secured

Another reason why your dog buries its head in you is that it might be feeling a sense of less security from your surroundings and relies completely on you to protect it. It thinks that it’s only you who can give him the needed protection and care.

3.) Your dog might be afraid of something

When your dog is afraid of a certain situation or any particular person in the house, it can come to you and bury its head in want of protection from the aforesaid. Your dog feels relieved by burying his head in you as it trusts you that you will save him from the circumstance.

4.) Your dog have sensed your sadness and loneliness

You might notice that your dog buries its head only when you are emotionally or physically low. It comes to you and buries its head to give you company and make you feel that you are not alone and he is there to share your worries and problems.

5.) Your dog demands more time and attention from you

If you and your spouse both are working (go for work) or often leave your dog at home alone, you might notice that as soon as you come back home and sit to relax on your couch, your dog comes running and buries its head in you.

This is because he does not like to be left alone and wants you to stay back with him and spend time.

6.) Your dog might be facing some health issues

Remember, there is a big difference between burying the head of a dog and pressing its head against you.

While burying head might be related to emotional crisis, pressing its head against you might be the indication of some health issues related to hydrocephalus, meningitis, brain tumor, a liver disease called hepatic encephalopathy, or any other health condition that demands immediate attention of the vet.

7.) Your dog might be dealing with separation anxiety

Another reason might be that you have adopted your dog in its later years or someone in the family has passed away recently and your dog is facing separation anxiety. In this case the dog will bury its head in you to make a new bonding with you as it is scared to lose you as well.

8.) Your dog might be trying to communicate something to you

The dog might just want to tell you of a small thing like it wants something from you (your time, some play, food, etc.) or something has happened to it (like it has got hurt or feeling low) and it wants to convey it to you.

9.) Your dog might be trying to alert you of some misfortune or impending danger

There is some ability in dogs through which they can sense danger or negative vibe in the house and if your dog isn’t used to burying its head in you and has been doing it just recently, know that it is trying to warn you of something.

10.) Your dog just needs some cuddling and warmth

Just don’t worry about it so much and enjoy the fury touch when your dog puts its head on you. It just needs some cuddling from you. Bond with it and prove yourself to be the best paw-parent.

How to restrain your dog from burying his head in you? 5 ways

While some pet owners like me would have enjoyed some “we time” with our pets while they are burying their heads in us, but for some others this act might be a little annoying or disturbing (especially for the first time owners).

So, if you fall into the second category of owners, you might like considering the following tips and tricks to restrict your dog from burying his head in you:

1.) Do not pay any attention when your dog puts his head in you

If you do not enjoy when your dog puts his head on you, just ignore him when he does so and sit without showing any action or words.

2.) Distract your dog with playful activities whenever it comes to bury its head

Another way is to engage your dog in some activity the moment it comes to bury its head. So, the next time it comes to bury its head in you, throw it’s favorite ball or toy at a distance and tell him to fetch it for you.

3.) Make him understand that you are not liking it through some action

You might say it sternly or just push him away whenever he comes to lean against you. When you continue to do it repeatedly, your dog will learn that you don’t like the act and will stop doing it.

4.) Let him know that you understand him

This is called positive reinforcement. When your dog puts its head in you, pat its head and talk to it as if you are understanding what it’s trying to communicate. It will definitely feel good and will be satisfied for a certain period of time.

5.) Find out the root cause behind the action

If you want that your dog does not repeat the action, try to know why it is doing so and solve the problem your dog is facing.

Concluding thoughts:

If you ask me, I would have just enjoyed the snuggly time with my furry friend whenever it came to bury its head in me. It’s a way to bond with him more affectionately and share each other’s emotions and emptiness within.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you did, stay tuned for more such amazing facts about your pet and be the best paw-parent to him!

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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