Are Girl or Boy Goldendoodles Better? (12 Differences)

With a great temperament, affectionate nature, and cuteness, I am going to give the amazing goldendoodles a 9.5 out of 10.

So if you have decided to get one of them, I would say, you have made the best decision of your life!

That said, the first confusion you might be facing is… 

Should you get a male or a female goldendoodle?

To be very honest, there is merely any difference between a male and female goldendoodle besides the fact that a male will be taller and stronger and 10% larger in size than the female and that a female will need more care during their breeding times and fancy grooming!

Are Girl or Boy Goldendoodles Better

Yet, there are a few considerable differences between the two genders of goldendoodles which you would like to take into account before making the final decision and I have them all in this guide…

Comparison table of male and female goldendoodles

Characteristics Male goldendoodles Female goldendoodles
Size  A bit larger than females 10% smaller in size than the males
Temperament Great Great
Growth Initially faster Slower than the males
Affection Very affectionate A little bit more than the males
Territorial Yes Yes
Bone strength More Less than the males
Paws size Larger than the females Smaller than the males
Aggressiveness Not at all Not at all
Playful Very playful Very playful
Learning  Great learner Great learner as well

12 Differences between male and female goldendoodles

Basically there are hardly any distinctive differences based on the gender of goldendoodles, still there are a few points you would like to take into consideration before you are planning to adopt one:

1.) The size of male v/s female goldendoodles:

A female goldendoodle is nearly 10% smaller in size than a male goldendoodle.

That being said, you need to know that there are 3 different breeds of goldendoodles namely small, medium and standard and giants respectively.

Toy/small size Less than 15 lbs
Medium/mini size 15 to 40 lbs
Standard size 40 to 70 lbs
Giant size 70 to 90> lbs

2.) Who is taller male v/s female goldendoodles:

A male goldendoodle is generally taller than a female goldendoodle and has larger paws and bones.

3.) Who is stronger male v/s female goldendoodles:

Speaking of the strength of the two genders, a male has more bone density than the female goldendoodles.

Also, after a certain age, the males become food addicts and tend to gain more weight than the females. Therefore, a male is considered to be stronger than a female goldendoodle.

4.) The affectionate nature of male v/s female goldendoodles:

There is no evidence as to which gender of goldendoodles will be more affectionate in nature than the other.

But as females are naturally born to be nourish givers, they tend to go along easily with small puppies better than the males.

But to humans, both the genders will show their affectionate nature equally.

5.) Training a male v/s female goldendoodles:

When it comes to training, there is absolutely no difference based on genders of goldendoodles. You need to put in the same effort and time to potty train and food train a male and a female goldendoodle.

6.) Handling a male v/s female goldendoodles:

A male goldendoodle puppy will grow faster, taller and stronger than a female. So, in the initial stages, handling a male will be tougher than handling a female goldendoodle. But once they have attained their puberty, the scenario changes.

After being neutered, a male will become calmer than the females.

7.) Maintenance of a male v/s female goldendoodles:

A female is always harder to maintain than a male be it any breed of dog. This is because first of all, you would want to buy all those fancy stuff for the girl goldendoodle in order to make them look cute and click good pictures of them, while a simple bow tie is needed to dress your boy goldendoodle.

And once they have attained their puberty, a female needs more maintenance and care than the males during their menstrual cycles and breeding periods.

8.) Temperament of male v/s female goldendoodles:

Temperament refers to the mood, activeness, calmness and playful nature of dogs. It might be true that females are more affectionate than males to some extent, but they are definitely not calmer than the males!

Female goldendoodles are in fact, more reactive, playful and more on their tips than the males.

This is also true for the situations when the males have been already neutered and that’s when they lose some of their active nature and become more foodie and relaxed than their former selves.

Besides the above points, there are also few other aspects you have to take think of before selecting the gender of your new member (goldendoodle):

9.) Breeding plans:

If you are planning to breed and produce offspring of your goldendoodles, you might like considering a female over male. But that also depends on factors like which gender you already have at home and if you are breeding for selling or keeping at home.

If you already have a male, you should get a female and if you have a female, go for a male instead. And in case you already have both the genders, get another female to increase the number and frequency of breeds.

10.) Presence of other dogs:

It is generally said that a female goldendoodle goes along better with a male partner rather than another female friend and vice versa.

Also, if you have other breeds at home, a female will be easier to mingle than male ones because a female is more adaptive and considerate than the males.

11.) The size of your apartment:

As you know now, a male will be a bit taller and larger in size than a female goldendoodle, so the size of the apartment in which you live will play a major part in your decision. 

If you live in a small apartment, go for a female goldendoodle and if you live in a large apartment with backyards, go for a male goldendoodle.

12.) The main owner of the pet:

Though a male goldendoodle will be larger in size than a female one, yet once they are neutered a male will be easier to control than a female goldendoodle.

So, if you are a working person and you are getting it for your parents to take care of, a male will be a safer option than a female.

This is also because a female will need better care and maintenance during their breeding and menstrual periods.

The final verdict:

If you ask me, I love both the male and the female goldendoodles as there are hardly any differences in looks and temperament of the two.

Yet, if you don’t have any breeding plans, go for the male goldendoodle for the simple reason that they would be much easier to maintain in the long run.

Hope you make a happy selection with my suggestions and have a wonderful life ahead with your little bundle of joy!

Susan R Elliston
I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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