Do Goldendoodles Get Attached to One Person?

While Goldendoodles, as a people-oriented breed, will bond with all members of their family or pack, a doodle may end up still having a favorite person.

They may also leave some clues to who that person might be. They may greet a favorite person first or spend more time with that person.

A doodle may also look for an occasion to be close to its preferred human, like sleeping in one family member’s room as opposed to another or looking for a chance to cuddle or for physical contact.

Do Goldendoodles Get Attached to One Person

Bonding Occasions and Quality Time

A dog will generally gravitate towards one family member more than another because that individual dedicates the most quality time to the pup.

And it’s not merely a question of quantity, but above all quality! Quality refers to the dog’s idea of what quality time is not ours.

The Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle generally loves everyone in its family. This is not a breed that specifically bonds with one person.

These dogs are capable of bonding with each family member and even if separated for a period, will demonstrate happiness and affection at the reunion. They can have a favorite person just like people.

Goldendoodle Behavior That Points to a Favorite Person

Sometimes a Goldendoodle will leave clues that it has a favorite person by

      • Refusing food if the person is absent
      • Dedicating more attention to that person
      • Sitting next to that person
      • Listening to commands only from one person
      • Apparently happier around one person

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Quality Bonding Time

Bonding with your doodle depends on the time you dedicate and the activities you participate in together.

Bonding with your Goldendoodle

1.) Walking Your Goldendoodle

Dogs are social animals, that like their wolf forebearers, will live in packs when stray and left to their own devices.

In areas where dogs roam freely, they will spontaneously form packs. In the wild packs will cover long distances while searching for food.

So, the habit of walking distances is ingrained in the species. Most domestic dogs adore going on walks and the longer the better.

Humans bond differently, generally through verbal communication. Dogs do it differently. When you spend time daily walking with your Goldendoodle, it is an occasion for natural bonding.

You and your pooch reinforce your belonging to the same pack as long as you are concentrated on the walk and the dog.

If you merely walk the dog because it needs to go outside and spend the entire time talking on the phone, there will not be much bonding going on. Dogs are very aware of when you are in sync with them or distracted by something or someone else.

They will also understand if you are in a hurry and do not have the will or time to dedicate to them. Do not underestimate canine emotional comprehension.

If you enjoy the time spent with your dog and the shared activity, the pooch will know, and this can influence how attached to you the dog becomes.

2.) Leash Tension

Training is the best way to teach a dog to walk on a leash properly, and leash tension is not a favorable sign. It indicates that you and your Goldendoodle are not in sync.

To reinforce bonding pay attention to why your dog may be pulling or stopping as opposed to walking at a leisurely pace.

Paying attention is also important so that you can direct your dog away from hazards when out and about.

These may include other dogs or animals such as cats or squirrels, as well as things your dog may want to eat or chew that are unhealthy or dangerous.

To talk advantage of walking your dog as an occasion for bonding, you need to be present mentally.

Your dog should be allowed to investigate when walking on a leash, but it is an activity to be shared.

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3.) Playtime with Your Goldendoodle

All dogs like to play, and puppies or younger dogs love to play even more. Playtime allows a dog to investigate his environment as well as develop social skills.

Playtime with Your Goldendoodle

Pet parents that dedicate time daily to playing with their Goldendoodle will contribute to their dog’s happiness and well-being.

While training is important, playtime allows your dog to have fun without being corrected constantly. Fetch, Tug-of-war or Hide-and-seek are all games that your Goldendoodle will enjoy with you and in the process reinforce bonding.

4.) Training

Training is an important aspect of adopting a dog. Not only will managing your dog in noisy, chaotic, or distracting circumstances become easier, but it will also protect your dog in dangerous situations such as crossing a street or around traffic.

Or if you take your dog for a hike off-leash, recall is fundamental. Time spent training your dog or participating in a training course or lessons will serve to reinforce your relationship.

5.) Managing Resources

Many times, the family cat or dog will bond with the person that feeds them daily. Basic resources include food, water, air, and shelter, so logically the human that provides these will become an important person during the animal’s life.

Providing treats also merits your Goldendoodle’s attention. Whoever in your family provides sustenance may surpass other family members in popularity.

6.) Greetings and Praise 

If you have ever watched a pack of dogs when a member has left for a vet visit or grooming and returns to the pack, there is a welcoming rite at the gate where the pack members gather round to smell and greet.

This behavior is also apparent when human pack members return from work or an errand and your dog greets you at the door. To further bond with your Goldendoodle, take the time to participate in the greeting.

This does not mean that you need to allow your dog to jump on you or exaggerate in welcoming behavior, but it is important from a bonding point of view that you fully participate in this rite.

7.) Grooming

Grooming is an occasion for dog and owner to bond whether it’s weekly brushing, bathing, nail clipping, and everything else thrown in.

8.) Canine Emotional Perception

Research has shown that dogs release the “love hormone” known as oxytocin when involved in affectionate exchanges with humans and their facial expressions.

This indicates how much dogs perceive human emotions and your affection and love. So, it is important to spend time with your pooch to establish and reinforce your bonding and special relationship.

Other Considerations

Sometimes a dog may bond with a person of the same gender or of the opposite gender. The dog’s energy level may also influence a natural attraction to a person with a similar level of activity or energy.

For example, calmer dogs may look to the calmest member of the household. And if someone in the family was more present in the dog’s life from birth to six months of age, this may influence the doodle’s choice.

Goldendoodles are an extremely sociable and affectionate breed, making them an ideal choice for families. Nonetheless, they can bond a bit more with one family member.

While many factors can influence a dog’s attachment to one special person, fundamentally it will come down to who dedicates the most quality time to the dog, making him or her your Goldendoodle’s favorite person.

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