What are Some Good Names for Axolotls? 

Say hello to the cutest yet uncanny-looking creature – axolotl. Axolotls hail from Mexico, and it’s not a regular day-to-day affair to spot one. 

They have an adorable smile and come in different colors – salmon pink being the most common and blue being the rarest. 

If you like exotic pets, you are going to love axolotls. Their fan base is increasing day by day. These amphibians need clean water and a cycled tank. They are going to need good food and the right tank as well. 

Since you are thinking of getting an axie home, you might have to choose a good name for it. After all, a proud parent needs a proud name for cute pets, don’t they? 

What are Some Good Names for Axolotls

Should we suggest some good names? 

Sakura, Axie, Puca, Bubbles, and Tickles are some good names for an Axolotl. You can keep their personality traits in mind and even their gender. 

Wish to know more, mate? Read on to find out some really good names for your axolotl. Let’s dive in! 

Cutest Names for an Axolotl Based on Their Personality Traits

Axolotls like to be alone. You might wonder why this cute personality would like the idea of being alone, but they’re happy that way. 

There is a chance your axie might showcase some different personality traits. Perhaps you could use these personality traits and name them accordingly. 

If your axie sleeps too much, you can call them Dizzy or Lizzy. In case your axie likes to move around a lot, you can name them Slippy or Bouncy. 

Most axie parents like to keep a name as per the physical characteristics. Want to know some cute names for your axie? Jump to the next section! 

Cute Names for an Axolotl 

1.) Bubbles – Since axies live in water, this could be a great name for them. 

2.) Axie – It’s a short form, and it suits quite well. 

3.) Smiley – Axolotls have a smiley face, so you might want to give them this name. 

4.) Pebbles – These little amphibians like to live on pebbles, so might as well give them this name. 

5.) Sushi – They have such Japanese looks, don’t they? Moreover, axies love to eat fish, so give them this name. 

6.) Mochi – Isn’t it a cute name? It suits your little axie. 

7.) Tuna – Axies love to feast on fish, and the name is extremely cute. 

8.) Snoopy – Axies are cute, so Snoopy could be a good name for them. 

Like these names? If you’re still trying to find some, we have listed them below. 

Mojo, Paco, Tony, Tobi, Ginger, Tito, Gills, Haku, Nemo, Kiara, Kiko, Kiki, Yoda, Nico, Milo, Chucky, Buck, Taco, Hoover, Olive, Fizzy, Ashley, Mushu, Dexter, Cuppy 

Now that you are aware of some cute names, let’s shed light on the subject ‘are axolotls’ good pets?’ 

Are Axolotls Good Pets? 

You don’t see an axolotl every other day. Axolotls are cute, but selling or keeping them as pets is not allowed in some parts of America

You might have to check whether it is legal to keep an axolotl in your area. 

As for keeping them as pets, you don’t have to pay a lot of attention because they live in water. Not many people own an axolotl because they need cuddly creatures. 

If you don’t have a lot of time to play fetch or take your pet out for a walk, then an axolotl is a good pet to have. 

They just need a good tank, healthy and tasty food, and the right water temperature. The flow of the water should not be too strong too. 

In case you are able to fulfill all this, your little axie will be happy. 

They’re solitary creatures so overhandling is not recommended. If at all you keep an axie at home, let them be and don’t try to touch them too often. This will get them really stressed. 

The bottom line is that Axolotls are very good pets. The question will always be, can you be a good parent and let your little Nemo or bubbles alone and keep your hands to yourself because Axolotls don’t like being petted?

How to tell if your axolotl loves you? 

Axolotls are solitary creatures so they are not really interested in human interaction. If you find that your axolotl is ‘hearing’ your voice or staring at you, they are probably admiring you from a distance. 

You can tell if they love you if they come to sit on your palms and aren’t stressed in your presence. Nonetheless, an axolotl needs love and care from you

They need you to feed them nutritious food like worms and pellets. Moreover, they need you to keep the tank clean and the temperature of the water should be right. 

If you are taking good care of your axolotls, they are going to remember your smell and appreciate you. 

Do Axolotls get lonely without tankmates?

Axolotls don’t need a company to keep themselves entertained. They are happy without tankmates as well. 

In fact, there’s a danger if you put any goldfish or other axolotls in the tank if your axolotl is still young. Axolotls might eat up the fish in the tank.

Axolotls might eat up the fish in the tank

They might even eat the fellow axolotl (that is if they’re juvenile). Yes, that’s true! Axolotls feel that the tail of the other axolotl is a worm, so they might feast on it. 

Axolotls can be cannibalistic at an early stage, but they grow out of it when they are older. 

In a nutshell, axolotls don’t get lonely without tankmates. They prefer to be alone inside the tank instead of having lots of mates. 

In case you are thinking of putting another axolotl inside, you have to ensure that there’s enough space. The two axolotls should not come in each other’s way. 

Keeping Your Axolotl Happy 

Axolotls are not exactly demanding when it comes to giving attention. However, you can’t leave them unattended. 

Axolotls live in water, so you are not going to have a lot of interaction, but it is your duty to keep them healthy and happy. 

If you’ve named your axolotl, it’s a good idea to keep them happy and think of their wellbeing too. 

Here are some tips to keep the axolotl happy. 

1.) Make sure the tank is large enough. 30 to 50 gallons capacity is best. If you go for a smaller one, you might have to change it later because axolotls grow really big. 

2.) Don’t keep other species as tank mates as these little ones are happy by themselves. They don’t need a company to be happy. 

3.) The tank needs some hides or even a little hideout palace. Their eyes are sensitive to light, so make sure they have a hiding space where there’s light or direct sunlight. 

4.) The axolotl needs good food. They’re carnivorous so make sure you add lots of earthworms, blood worms, and pellets to their diet. Small shrimps and snails would also be a good treat for them. (Can You Feed Axolotls Ham? (6 Best Foods)

If you are giving live insects or worms to them, make sure you clean the feed. There should be no dust or mud on the worms. 

5.) Please ensure that the bottom is not bare. You need to add some sand or rocks. The axolotl needs to move around, so there should be a better grip. The bare bottom is not suitable for an axolotl. 

6.) The filtration system should not be too strong. If it’s too strong, your little Mochi will get stressed out. 

7.) Cycle the tank before putting the axolotl in the tank. This is a necessary step for your axolotl’s wellbeing. 

Axolotls are going to be peaceful and happy if the above-mentioned pointers are followed. 

Will your axolotl hear you when you call out their name? 

The answer is NO. Axolotl’s don’t have eardrums. They can’t hear you the way you want them to. Axolotls can hear vibrations but not voices

So, if you name the axolotl, there’s no point in calling them out loud and expecting the little axie to turn to you. They don’t have the ability to hear you. 

Since they can’t hear you as your dog does, don’t let it discourage you from naming your axie. Love knows no bounds, and naming a pet only brings you closer to your pet.

A little tap on the tank might be helpful! 

Still have some queries in your heads? Consider going through the quick FAQs section. 


1. What is a cute name for an axolotl?

Axolotls are the cutest creatures and their smile would melt anyone’s heart. Since they’re cute with a great smile, there are many good names for them. 

Axie, bubbles, kittles, Nemo, flubber, kiki, and okimi are some of the cutest names for an axolotl. 

If by any chance you’ve purchased an expensive axolotl, how about naming it lottery? Isn’t that a cute name for your exotic possession?

2. How to tell your axolotl loves you? 

Axolotls don’t like too much human interaction. It’s hard to tell if an axolotl loves you. 

They might appreciate you for taking care of them, but love is a complicated emotion. The axolotl likes to be left alone. 

If yours does love you and shows it by sitting on your palm, you’ve outdone yourself as a pet parent.

3. Are Axolotls good pets? 

Axolotls are solitary creatures, so they don’t like overhandling. You have to let them be in an aquarium. 

If you have a job to do and can’t spend a lot of time ‘playing’ with the pet, then yes, you can get an axie home. 

They’re the best because they’re least demanding and they don’t throw temper tantrums like a dog would when left alone for long.

4. Is axolotl a salamander or a fish? 

The axolotl is not a fish. It’s a salamander. They are most commonly found in Mexico. 

5. Can you keep two axolotls together?

It’s not the best idea considering the axolotl likes to be alone. They will be happy at the bottom of the tank. 

It’s a big no-no if your axolotl is still juvenile. A juvenile axolotl might even eat the fellow axolotl let alone a small gold fish.

In fact, they don’t even need a human companion. You can stare at them, but not touch them. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Axolotls are great pets for those who go to the office and don’t have a lot of time to play fetch or go out for a walk. 

You can get them home, but make sure you buy the right size tank and feed them good food. You would also need to cycle the tank before putting the axie. 

Don’t forget to give them a good name! Since they’re really cute, you should avoid deadly names like ‘monster’. 

Even though they are solitary creatures, give them a cute name based on their physical characteristics. 

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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