15 Ways Aussies Show Their Affection

Aussies, originally the Australian Shepherds, are one very loyal and adorable breeds.

So, the first things first, an Aussie can weigh upto somewhere between 35 pounds to 65 pounds with a life span of about 12 to 15 years!

So, you see it’s a commitment of almost a decade and therefore it is crucial to learn in detail about their behavioural patterns and signs of affection and distress in them so that you can be the best parent to them!

They are super active and like to work all day long. So taking them to swimming, hiking, dog parks or anything similar is very important so that they do not have any behavioural issues and show their hyperactivity in the negative sense. 

You need to socialize them a lot in the initial stages. Or else they will be scared of people or will develop aggressiveness towards others.

15 Ways Aussies Show Their Affection

Aussies are a very affectionate breed! They are one loyal, active, caring and loving dogs. The Australian Shepherds are sole protectors and best friends to their owner, and leave no stone unturned in showing their love and affection to their parents.

They will follow all your commands, follow you around wagging their tails, initiate cuddles or lure you to patting and loving them, lick you, sit with you making eye contact and so on…

That’s not all, there’s more that your Aussie has to offer to you and here’s a complete list of those affectionate behaviours…

15 Ways with which Aussies show their affection towards you

You can never be wrong in deciding to adopt an Australian Shepherd as they will no doubt prove to be your bestest friends for life.

But hold on, before bringing them home, you must be aware of their behavioral patterns so that you understand them better and be able to bond with them super fast:

1. Aussies will start to show signs of affection even from the initial stages:

Aussies will start to show signs of affection even from the initial stages

They will start following orders from almost 8 weeks of age like rolling, responding to names, listening to commands like sit, sleep, come, eat, stand.

2. Protection of the owner and affection goes hand in hand for Aussies:

They are very protective and will bark at strangers when they come home because you are their family and they are definitely gonna protect you from intruders.

3. Aussies will only imitate you/the owner:

But they are typically one person dog or a specific couple-people dog. So make sure you are setting the right example for them to learn the best habits and behaviour.

4. Aussies will follow you everywhere you go if they like you:

Yes, your Aussie will follow you everywhere, literally everywhere until and untill you don’t stop them from entering a place. They will follow you to the stairs, to the bedroom, to the backyards and garden and even to your working space or relax with you on the couch.

5. Aussies are very sensitive and cannot tolerate any rough behaviour from the family:

Aussies cannot stand any conflict in the family. So, if someone is being harsh or rude or scolding, he will get in the middle and start barking at the person. 

6. Aussies will show their concern towards you if they love you a lot:

Aussies will also be very concerned about you. And so when you would cry, they would be there to lick you, lean on you in order to cheer you up.

7. Aussies love to make eye contact with their owner in order to have a deep bonding:

Aussies love to make eye contact with their owner

They make sensitive eye contacts with you and try to understand you as well as make themselves understand. They are very intuitive in nature.

8. They will follow each and every command of yours:

They will show you affection by obeying your commands like roll over or spin and they really enjoy doing it for you.

9. Do Aussies love to cuddle?

Whether your Aussie will love to cuddle or not will depend on the following factors:

      • His willingness to cuddle that is whether he has the mood to cuddle at the moment or not
      • His health condition for example if he is suffering from hip dysplasia
      • If he has grown old enough to have become very calm and lazy

But generally, if he loves you, he will definitely sneak into your lap and will cuddle with you while you are binge watching your favorite show.

10. Aussies will bring you their toys to play with you if they love you:

Another unique trait in Aussies to show their affection is they will bring you their toys and ask you to play with them. It’s a way for them to get you involved in their interests and likings.

11. Your Aussie will expose his belly to show its vulnerability:

One way your Aussie will show its trust to you is by exposing its belly while lying on its bed or on the floor. At that moment it would want you to go to him/her, pat him, rub your hands on his belly, etc.

12. Nudging with its nose is yet another way to show his concern and bond with you:

When an Aussie would nudge you with his nose, it would mean that he is checking on you and seeking your attention towards him as well. While nosing you, they can sense your stress, anxiety, health and it helps them to bond with you better.

13. Just as other breeds, Aussies also show their love by licking you:

Aussies also show their love by licking you

Your Aussie will likely to lick you in order to show his affection and submissiveness towards you. It’s a great way to show their love to you.

14. Your Aussie will lean against to show his faith on you:

Besides licking, leaning against you while you are on your couch or bed is yet another way to show surrenderness of Aussies. They will lean against you to show their trust and also for being trusted.

15. Do you know that Aussies can go around without a leash?

One unique trait of Aussies to show affection is to roam around you and with you without a leash. While other dogs would need a leash while on the road, an Aussie will follow you without the use of it.

Final statement:

Down the line, Aussies are a bit stubborn too when it comes to being friendly with all because they are not. They are just one person’s dog!

They will only love their owners and be loyal to them at any cost. So, try to imbibe only positive attitudes in them so they replicate the same!

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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