How Many Hours Does a Beagle Sleep?

If you’ve just welcomed a Beagle into your home and your life, you’ve probably noticed your new best friend likes to sleep quite a bit.

There’s nothing to worry about, though because this delightful high-energy breed will sleep approximately 12 to 14 hours daily as an adult.

A Beagle puppy will sleep even more! Baby Beagles can sleep from 18 to 20 hours per day in one 24-hour period. However, Beagles are individuals too, so every dog will have personal sleeping needs. 

How Many Hours Does a Beagle Sleep

Your pup’s personality will influence how long he or she sleeps, as will you. Often Beagles adopt sleep habits that are very similar to that of pet parents. If your lifestyle is quite active, your Beagle will follow suit.

Is Your Beagle Getting Sufficient Sleep, or Too Much?

If you are the proud pet parents of newborn Beagle puppies, the newborns will sleep continually unless they are nursing which takes place at regular intervals of every two hours. Once they’ve had their fill, it’s back to sleep. This will happen during the first couple of weeks after birth.

Once they hit the three-week mark, they will begin to be more active and will remain awake for 2 to 4 hours daily which will be dedicated to exploring their environment.

Two Months of Age and Ready to Leave Mom

These first months are a time of continuous growth, so your puppy will need quite a bit of sleep time to recharge.

When your puppy reaches two months of age, and therefore will be weaned and ready to leave Mom’s protective care, you’ll notice that your pooch will begin sleeping an average of 18 to 20 hours a day including naps and nighttime sleep.

Even if your puppy gradually begins to sleep uninterrupted for longer periods, especially at night, he or she will still awaken periodically to relieve his or her bladder. Upon awakening, your pooch may experience a burst of energy and want to play, but it will be short-lived.

And your Beagle will take his or her cue from you. If you continue sleeping, your puppy should follow your lead. By approximately 4 months of age, this habit should be engrained in your pup’s daily routine.

The Juvenile Beagle

As your Beagle enters the juvenile stage at approximately six months of age, your pooch will be more active and awake for a longer period.

In the period between six months to a year old, your Beagle will be very active, full of energy, and exceptionally curious. 

So, expect your new best friend to reduce sleep time to 14 to 16 hours per day. They will most likely be awake longer during the daytime and will sleep longer through the night. But even so, your pup will need multiple naps during the day.

Will My Beagle Puppy Sleep at Night?

Yes, your pooch will eventually sleep through the night at about four months of age. However, some pups may begin sleeping through the night as early as two months of age or as late as six months old.

You may need to summon up quite a bit of patience, but it will come to pass. Your pup will become accustomed to sleeping through the night.

Will My Beagle Puppy Sleep at Night

Sleep Regression

Don’t be surprised if it appears that your puppy is sleeping through the night and then, all of a sudden, the sleep schedule goes out the window.

If your beagle was sleeping soundly at night and now awakes to want attention or to play, don’t be worried.

This may be due to any one of several reasons such as a growth spurt, teething, fear, outgrowing a bed or crate, or just because your pup is growing closer to you.

Adult Beagle Sleep Needs

The young adult beagle will sleep from 12 to 16 hours daily. This will increase as your dog ages. Middle-aged and senior dogs will tend to nap more during the daytime than younger adults.

As Beagles age, they will run out of energy faster and need a nap. They also will sleep longer through the night.

Exceptions and Owner Influence

There will always be exceptions to this kind of general timeline because a dog’s personality is unique and will influence play and sleep patterns. Another aspect to factor into your beagle’s behavior is how active you are as a pet owner. 

Beagles are high-energy canines but still have a play and rest pace that is regular. They may tend to sleep more when left alone if perhaps you leave your dog at home alone while at work.

With no company, they are unlikely to be overly active. A Beagle left in a yard with another dog for company will show higher activity.

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The Senior Beagle and Sleep

Once your Beagle reaches seven years of age, he or she will be deemed a senior dog. Your dog will spontaneously increase nap time and sleep. They will gradually begin slowing down and not be as energetic as when young.

Beagle seniors will sleep 14 to 16 hours daily at the beginning of the senior phase. But as they age to ten years or older, they may sleep as much as 18 hours a day. Your senior Beagle will, like older humans, feel a need for longer napping during the day.

If and When to Worry

Since a gradual modification of sleep habits is natural with age, there’s no reason to worry unless your Beagle makes a significant change in sleep habits suddenly.

In the event of an abrupt, significant change in sleeping habits consult your veterinarian. Sudden significant changes can indicate a serious health problem such as arthritis, dementia, hypothyroidism, or others. An aging bladder can also be the cause of nighttime awakenings.

How Many Hours Does a Beagle Sleep?

Many things will influence how long your beagle sleeps in 24 hours. Puppies and Senior dogs will sleep longer. Consider that it is normal for Beagles to sleep at least 12 hours per day or more. Sleeping more can be indicative of boredom or anxiety, disease, stress, or even diet.

If you feel you have a reason for concern, a trip to your veterinarian can put your mind at ease and provide proper treatment for any health issues your lovable Beagle may have. 

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