How Often Does an Axolotl Poop?

Looks like you’ve gotten an axie home! Axolotls are one of the cutest amphibians. They’re rare to find in homes, but if you have one, you might be intrigued by their uncanny beauty. 

Axolotls are cute, but just because they live in water doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of them. 

Caring is essential. You have to feed them, keep the tank clean, and also ensure that the poop isn’t floating around and turning into ammonia. 

The build-up of ammonia can be dangerous; thus, you need to clean up the tank. 

The question is – How often does the axolotl poop? Well, it’s an uncanny question to ask, but it’s important for axie parents to know the answer. 

If axolotls are eating twice a day, they will poop every other day. Usually, they would poop the next day. Any change in color or consistency will tell you the state of their health. 

How Often Does an Axolotl Poop

Well, we’re not done yet. Since you are an axie parent, there are some things you ought to know. 

Here’s a complete article on ‘how often does an axolotl poop?’ We have some helpful information on this subject, so keep reading. 

How often does an axie poop? 

Axolotl poop depends on the frequency of feeding and the volume. The health status, diet, temperature of the water, and age are also important factors. 

A healthy axolotl will poop once in 3-4 days, so don’t get worried if this is the frequency of pooping. 

However, with a younger axolotl at home (if they eat twice a day), you can expect them to poop every other day. 

Sometimes, you would need to check whether they’ve taken a dump or not. If you suspect they haven’t pooped in a while and the sand is clear, speak to the veterinarian. 

Axolotls should poop once their food is digested. But there are chances of them pooping after three to four days too. This is quite common! 

When they poop, don’t let the waste stay inside the tank for too long. There’s a chance your axolotl will eat anything that moves

Where do axolotls poop? 

Axies will poop in the water; thus, you have to ensure it doesn’t turn into ammonia. 

The poop will settle in the sand for some time, but you should never try to pick it up as it will disperse in the water and break apart. 

Axolotls don’t spend a lot of time on land. They can be left on the land for a little while, but their natural habitat is in the water. So, you have to get used to the fact that they will eat and poop in the water. 

Axie Poop: What does it look like? 

Now that you have figured out the frequency of axolotl poop and the place where they do it, it’s important to know its texture and color as well. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Axolotl poop is brown or black in color. It can vary in terms of size and shape. 

      • The baby axolotl’s poop is different. It’s brown in color and rather long.
      • Adult axolotl poop is quite messy and liquid. However, the baby axolotl poop is pellet-like. 

The size and shape would be based on what the axolotl eats. Don’t try to hold it because it can burst into the tank and pollute it further. 

However, you can scoop the stool using a special tool. Let your axolotl finish pooping. Once they swim somewhere else, you can scoop it up and dispose of it. 

In case you are sleeping, the poop will settle in the sand. In this case, you would need to clean up the tank.  

Nonetheless, keep a little pooper scooper handy. ZALING reptile pooper scooper can do the job really well. It’s portable and efficient. 

Is your axolotl pooping too much? 

Axolotls will poop within a few hours of digesting their food. It’s possible they will poop once every 3-4 days. But, if you find that they’re pooping too much, you need to stop feeding them too much. 

Some axolotls will poop fairly large chunks and others will poop smaller ones. 

Keep a watch on the color of the poop as well. If it’s white or green, you need to speak to the veterinarian. 

Why You Should Clean the Axolotl’s Tank? 

Even if you have a goldfish, you would need to clean the tank. Since the axolotl poops in the water and even eats in the water, there is a build-up of ammonia over a period of time. 

Axolotls can die if the level of ammonia inside the water is high. 

They create a lot of waste, so it’s your responsibility to keep the tank clean. You would need to cycle the tank before putting the little axie inside

Creating a healthy environment for the little axolotl is your duty. If you take good care of the environment and keep it clean, the axolotl will live a long and healthy life. 

In case the axolotl tank isn’t clean, you can expect them to get all kinds of health issues. Look at the little face! They need you to clean their poop and stop the build-up of ammonia. 

5 Efficient Ways to Clean Your Axie’s Poop 

There are five ways of cleaning the axie’s poop. Let’s make this real quick! 

1.) Firstly, you need to discard any uneaten food. Use the pooper scooper to pick up the uneaten food. Don’t let it float in the water. 

2.) Secondly, you need to siphon out the axolotl poop. Once again, use a pooper scooper to do this. Never pick it with your hands as it is going to burst and mix with the water. 

3.) Cleaning up all the debris is the third step. 

4.) Activated carbon can be used to get rid of axolotl poop smell. 

5.) Check the nitrite and ammonia level. It should be 0 ppm. 

Axolotls Eating their Own Poop: A Big NO 

Oh no! You need to stop your axolotl from doing this. How are you going to do that? Well, it’s easy. You must scoop out the poop and not let it float in the water. 

Chances are it will settle at the bottom and get mixed with the sand, but the axolotl will eat anything that moves. 

Eating poop can cause parasites; thus, you need to scoop out the poop after your axolotls are done pooping. 


1.) How often do axolotl poop?

The pooping depends on how many times they are fed. If it’s a baby axie and it eats twice a day, then you will find them pooping every single day. 

Please remember that poop mixes with the sand bottom, so you must clean it before it turns into ammonia. 

2.) What to do if your axolotl has worms in its poop?

It could be due to intestinal parasites. Speak to the veterinary doctor immediately and change the diet of your axie. The veterinarian will help in getting rid of the parasites in the axie’s body. 

3.) What does axolotl poop look like? 

The axolotl poop is shaped like goat skin and it has some black and brown hues. The shape can vary as there are many kinds. 

Don’t try to hold the poop because it can burst in your hands and disperse in the water. 

4.) Can axolotl live a long life? 

Axolotls have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. There’s a chance they might live up to 20 years if you take real good care of them.

5.) How can you tell an axolotl is pooping?

When an axolotl poops, their gills turn red. So, it’s really easy to spot if the axolotl is pooping. Some pet parents notice that their axolotl changes color and looks like a fireball. 

6.) Why is my axolotl poop green? 

If the axolotl’s poop is green, it’s because they haven’t eaten something. In freezing temperatures, there’s a possibility that the digestion system will slow down. This means that the axolotl will pass bile. 

7.) Does my axolotl need a litter box? 

An axolotl doesn’t need a litter box because they poop and eat in the water. You must clean the tank so that you can provide a clean environment to the axie. 

8.) Is axolotl immortal?

Axolotls aren’t immortal. They have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you give them a good diet and cycle the tank before putting them in, they will live a happy and healthy life. 

Concluding Thoughts 

We hope this article helped you know everything about axolotl poop, its color, frequency, and the dos and don’ts. 

Refer to this article whenever you are in doubt. 

Taking care of an axie isn’t as complicated as you think. Once you get the hang of it, your axie and you will be happy together. 

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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