How Often Should a Mini Goldendoodle Be Bathed?

This delightful canine is a crossbreed of two purebred dogs, the miniature or small Poodle and a Golden Retriever.

This is a smaller dog breed that can grow anywhere from 13 to 20 inches in height and will generally weigh from 40 to 50 lbs.

They are highly intelligent and affectionate and do very well with families and other pets. 

But like all pets, they get dirty. So grooming and a bath will be on your agenda.

As a family dog, you don’t want a dirty or stinky pet around your home. So, bathing will be an important tool in your Goldendoodle’s life.

How Often Should a Mini Goldendoodle Be Bathed

Why Should I Bathe My Mini Goldendoodle?

If you do not bathe your Mini Goldendoodle regularly and especially when it gets dirty, it can be bad for your dog. Dirt will remain attached to fur and increase the risk of matting the longer your dog remains dirty.

If an area of your dog’s fur becomes matted, it will be nearly impossible to brush it and your most likely will end up trimming the fur.

A great reason for bathing your pooch is the smell. If your dog goes without a bath for several months, he or she will smell considerably.

Dirt stuck in a fur coat will increase bacteria which in turn will increase odor. If your dog begins to stink, it’s a good reason to bathe it.

How Often Should a Mini Goldendoodle Be Bathed?

You should bathe your Mini Goldendoodle approximately once a month or more often if it should get dirty.

Good once-a-month bathing will guarantee that your doodle has a healthy and clean fur coat as well as a good skin condition. But if your Goldendoodle gets messy sooner, bathe it. 

The fur of a Mini Goldendoodle grows constantly, but this is a dog that sheds very little, so this coat will act as the perfect magnet for dirt and all kinds of debris from leaves to twigs and whatever else your dog comes into contact with. This is why monthly bathing is so important for your dog’s well-being.

Mini Goldendoodle’s fur is also prone to matting so daily brushing is fundamental to your dog’s health. Matting can prevent your dog from staying clean and infection can follow.

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors in a backyard, you may need to bathe your Mini Goldendoodle more often depending on how dirty he or she can get playing in your yard.

If your pet gets dirty, and you bathed it two days ago, you will still need to bathe it again. Do not let your dog remain dirty. If your canine is particularly dirty or matted get help from a groomer if necessary.

Is It Possible to Bathe My Mini Goldendoodle Too Often?

Yes, there is a risk that you can bathe your dog too often. The recommended frequency for bathing a dog is once monthly or whenever the canine is dirty. If, and when a dog gets dirty it should be bathed regardless of whether a month has passed or not. 

Bathing a canine weekly however is not at all recommended. Should you bathe your Mini Goldendoodle too often, their skin will most likely dry out.

Even if you bathe with premium quality shampoos and conditioners, this will not prevent skin from drying out if the reason is excessive bathing.

Generally speaking, baths should not number more than once a month, or perhaps twice monthly if warranted.

Resulting dry skin will become itchy and perhaps flaky. If your Mini Goldendoodle begins to feel itchy, it will inevitably increase scratching and a dry area can turn into a wound.

Scratching with dirty nails may lead to bacterial infection and all the complications that accompany an infection. Should you notice your dog scratching excessively, try reducing the number of baths and if the area is not an open wound, try treating a dry area with a little coconut oil.

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What Should I Do If My Mini Goldendoodle Doesn’t Like Baths?

Many dogs, if not most don’t really enjoy bathing. They may not like water or have had an unhappy experience with water or bathing. Noise associated with bathing can also be a deterrent.

A simple incident like soap in the eyes, or water in the ears one time may be adequate to turn a dog off to bathing for good.

Things you can do to prevent negative experiences include using a bathing cap to protect ears and a shampoo that doesn’t sting eyes. Take your time when bathing and remember that bathing does not necessarily have to take place in a bathroom.

If you live in a warm climate, you can bathe your canine buddy outdoors. You may want to use a children-sized swimming pool filled with favorite doggy toys so that it becomes a fun playtime.

Bring your dog’s favorite treats to reward cooperation, and because dogs appreciate routine, make your Goldendoodle bathing regular and continuous.

Tips for Bathing Your Mini Goldendoodle

Tips for Bathing Your Mini Goldendoodle

1.) Brush your Mini Goldendoodle before even attempting to give it a bath. During brushing remove any mattes or knotting found in the fur coat.

2.) Establish the appropriate water temperature for bathing. Ideally, the water temperature should be between 70° and 80° Fahrenheit.

3.) Pay attention to your Goldendoodle’s reactions when bathing. Avoid traumatizing your dog and try to make it as pleasant and fun an experience as possible with lots of praise, toys, and the occasional treat.

4.) Avoid getting ears wet. Water in the ears is extremely uncomfortable for dogs. If you need to, use a bathing cap for protection.

5.) Begin washing at the neck and work your way to the chest, legs, and front paws. Feet should be scrubbed last because they will probably be the dirtiest. Shampoo must be rinsed out completely. The shampoo left on the fur will eventually irritate the skin.

6.) Dry your Goldendoodle as much as possible with towels to remove excess water. If blow drying your pooch, familiarize your dog beforehand with the blow dryer.

Allow it to smell and investigate the dryer while turned off. Introduce your dog to the blow dryer being turned on by leaving it on while set on the ground.

Do not purposely point it in your dog’s face. Blow dryers should always be set on low for both power and temperature. Massage your dog while blowing dry to make the experience pleasant.

7.) Once you have finished drying, brush your dog again and remove any knots or tangles formed during washing. Trim them off if necessary.

8.) Give your dog generous praise and a treat at the end of bath time.

A Final Thought

Regular brushing and bathing monthly will keep your Goldendoodle in tip-top shape with healthy skin and coat.

If bathing the dog yourself, take your time and help your Mini Goldendoodle relax. If you are not confident about bathing and grooming, contact a professional groomer.

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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