How Do You Tell if Your Husky Loves You? 

Who says Siberian Huskies can’t express their love through words? There’s a chance your husky might wake up, plant several kisses on your face, and say, ‘I love you (we’re not kidding)’ in its own ways.

Every single time you open social media channels, you find trending husky videos all over the internet. Huskies are quite chatty and expressive. 

Huskies show their love by getting eager and excited in your presence. They will follow you everywhere, initiate cuddles and snuggly hugs, and stare at you for long. It’s their way of showcasing love to you. 

How Do You Tell if Your Husky Loves You

If your husky loves you, you’ll just know – the sparkle in their eyes, the happy waggy tail, the cute little howls, and the eagerness to be with you are all giveaway signs. 

Do you wish to know more? Of course, you do! 

Here’s an elaborate post that sheds light on this subject. Dive right in, furry amigos, and find out if your husky loves you as much as you love your four-legged pal! 

A Wolf-Like Appearance & a Loving Heart 

People get stunned by the wolf-like appearance of the husky. They have sharp features, intriguing eyes, and an alert body language. 

The moment you go near them, they have a serious look on their face. As you get closer, huskies are the most loving beings on Planet Earth. 

They love to cuddle, snuggle, and plant kisses on your face. They’re also a fan of hugs. That’s how they show that they love you!

Don’t go by their scary and serious wolf-like appearance. Deep inside, they’re a softie and love to snuggle with adults and kids alike. 

Did you know that huskies can be very clingy and attention-seeking? They want love throughout the day, and demand attention time and again. 

There’s a chance that your husky might demand to sleep next to you. Whenever you’re working, they might paw at you just to tell you they need love and attention. 

Understanding their temperament: What do huskies love the most?

Siberian husky is an independent breed. They might look sharp, intriguing, and wolf-like, but they have some really adorable personality traits. 

Let’s reveal the best parts about their personality that’ll help you bond with them:

1.) They’re a ball of energy – Although huskies are big in size (the adults), they love to run around and play.

husky playing

You can’t really find a bored or dull husky because they are always brimming with energy. Play fetch, take them for a swim or even head to a place where it snows. They can be great travel buddies too. 

2.) Huskies are great family dogs – Families will love having a husky by their side. They get along with kids and adults. It’s easy for a husky to gel with other dogs as well.

If you have an energetic kid in the house, having a husky will make your life easier. Let them prance around all over the place like clowns! 

3.) Huskies are attention-seeking and adorable – You can’t have enough of a husky! Huskies demand attention, paw at you, and might follow you everywhere.

It’s adorable because they’re the perfect dog. Wouldn’t it be dull and boring if your husky sat in a corner and didn’t interact with you?

The whole idea of bringing a husky home is because they bring joy into your life. Their goofiness and attention-seeking behavior – everything is adorable about them. 

4.) They’re super smart – Alright! Huskies are really smart. As you move forward, we will share videos of huskies talking to their pet parents.

That’s right! They’re used as sled dogs for a reason. Understanding commands is their forte and they protect their home fiercely. You will have a very loyal and alert dog once you bring a husky home. 

This reminds us of the beautiful movie, Eight Below. Eight dogs are left behind in Antarctica. The movie has been shot beautifully, and you can see how well-trained the huskies are. 

Movie Eight Below

The movie is a reminder that huskies are survivors! They are protective, lovable, relentless, and great fighters. Throughout the movie, you get to see how they find food, fight with the giant leopard seals, and showcase their emotions towards each other.

They wait for their parents and don’t give up till the end. This shows that huskies are really smart, emotional, intelligent, and strong. 

If your husky waits for you all day just to see you return from work, it’s a clear sign that you’ve finally been able to bond with your dog.

Are Siberian huskies affectionate – 6 Sure-Shot Signs that You Husky is in Love With You  

Have you ever wondered why God created dogs? Did he do it for selfish reasons? Well, God’s not residing on this planet – YOU ARE!

It is believed that God first created human beings and then a week later, he looked down and decided to create other living beings like dogs. 

God realized that human beings needed a companion. Of course, there’s the concept of soulmates, but there can’t be a better companion than a dog. 

He didn’t create a different breed at that moment. To know more about the creation of dogs, read this quick post. 

Let’s cut back to the chase and shed some light on the signs that tell you your husky loves you! 

1.) Pawing your hands – If your husky loves you, they will hold your hand. It’s a heartwarming gesture and we’re sure you are going to cry like you’re cutting onions. In case your husky bites your hand (lovingly), don’t be astonished because it’s a way of showing affection. 

2.) Keep a close watch on their eyebrows and ears – A husky’s ears and eyebrows are intriguing. Whenever your husky is happy around you, his/her expressions will reveal it vividly. The ears will be bent backward or they will raise their eyebrows a little when they’re really happy around you. 

3.) Making eye contact – What do you do on dates or a romantic evening? You stare and look into each other’s eyes. Now, we’re talking about you and your romantic partner. People who don’t like you or are too afraid to talk to you will never make eye contact.

Huskies aren’t different! If you are special to them, they will make prolonged eye contact with you to tell you that they’re in love with you. This is also a sign that they’re comfortable and trust you completely. 

4.) Attention-seeking and clingy behavior – If a husky loves you, they won’t let you go out of their sight for too long. They want you to be around and shower lots of love.

They will long for you and will follow you everywhere. Don’t get annoyed by this behavior – they’re just trying to tell you that they love you! 

5.) Acting all goofy and relaxed – A husky won’t act foolish or goofy around strangers. They will stay alert and look at strangers with curious and judgmental eyes.

Now, if your huskies love you, they will act goofy, lay on their back, and make funny faces. This is their way of telling you, ‘HOOMAN, YOU ARE MINE. ONLY MINE.’ 

6.) Huskies will tell you they love you – We told you at the very beginning, we’re not kidding! Some of you may or may not believe this but huskies have said, ‘I love you’ to their humans. 

Watch Mishka, the Husky saying, ‘I love you’ to her fuzzy pet parent in this video. 

Husky Dog Talking - " I love you "

If your husky is even remotely in love with you, he/she will try to howl, ‘I love you’ all the time. 

In short, despite being accused of being too loud, it’s just a way of showing their affection. If you don’t like loud affectionate dogs, we’d say, the husky isn’t the right breed for you. 

How do you bond with your husky?  

Now that you are aware of whether or not your husky loves you (we’re sure they do), there are some ways to improve the existing bond. How do you do that? 

Keep reading to find out! 

1.) Spend More Time Together

There’s a reason why you brought your little husky home. Yes, it’s a competitive world and everyone’s running in a rat race, but don’t forget to spend time with your husky. 

Going on walks, swimming sessions, playing fetch once a day, and sitting and talking to your husky are some of the things you CAN do to improve the loving bond. 

At the onset of COVID, a lot of people thought they should get a husky home because they were bored during the lockdown phase. Even if you got your little husky home during this tragic phase, it doesn’t mean your responsibility ends now. 

You have to ensure that you reciprocate the love that your husky showers on you. 

2.) Bring out the athletic and playful side

Dear husky parent, you need to pull up your socks and wear some sporty shoes because huskies are athletic and strong. They need lots of playtime. You could play ball with your husky or do a little race from Point A to Point B. 

Think of all kinds of sports and games that you can play with your husky. How about getting a frisbee? 

You can also utilize this time to teach them some tricks. Huskies are really smart, so they will pick these tricks easily and perform them in no time! 

Who knows, they might even carry the grocery bags for you, fun, isn’t it?

3.) Let them be comfortable around you

If your huskies are acting funny or goofy, let them be. You need to let your pets know that they can be comfortable around you.

You are their human, their world. Let them be themselves and not train them to the point that they become all serious or dull. 


1.) Do huskies like to be petted?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s one way that your husky is showing it loves you. When your husky asks you (forces you would be the right expression) to pet them, they’re being affectionate.

2.) What makes a husky happy?

You, first of all. Next to you comes playing, howling, cuddling, running, socializing, and digging.

3.) Are huskies loyal to one person? 

They might love one person the most, but huskies are loyal to their entire family. 

4.) Will a husky protect you?

Yes. They’re funny, harmless, and affectionate towards you. If they find a stranger trespassing on your property or they feel even slightly threatened, they might even attack a fishy stranger to protect you.

5.) Are huskies jealous dogs?

Oh, yes! Try dividing your attention, and you’ll know. Your husky won’t even share your attention with your laptop, let alone share it with some other dog.

6.) Are female huskies affectionate?

Yes. There’s a slight difference between male huskies and female huskies. Although both male and female huskies love you equally, it’s female huskies that’ll express their affection more clearly. 

7.) Do huskies like to sleep with their owners?

Yes. Huskies love to cuddle. They are harmless and loving. So, there’s no harm in letting your husky sleep with you once in a while. But, don’t make a habit out of it.

Train your husky to sleep in its own bed. They’re demanding! But do you fulfill all the demands your kids do? Just like kids need to learn manners, so do huskies!

Concluding Thoughts 

Your huskies just know whether or not you love them back. So, make sure you spend plenty of time and give them occasional kisses and hugs. 

If we were in your shoes, we would snuggle with the husky all through the year (like hibernating bears). 

Shower all the love you have in your heart and refer to the above-mentioned signs to know whether your husky loves you. 

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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