Male Vs Female Siberian Huskies: 6 Key Differences!

Huskies are darling pets, fine! But male and female Siberian huskies have very different personalities. If you’re bringing this breed home, you should be aware of what you’re getting into!

Although both male and female huskies are loving, vocal, loyal, and attention-seeking, they have different ways to express their love. 

Other than the obvious difference in size, height, and weight (male huskies but of course are bigger and heavier than female huskies), it’s the temperament that is most important to consider. 

Female huskies are mature and shy. They are more tolerant and with proper training, they quickly learn how to control their relentless, substantial energy and impulsiveness. 

Male Siberian huskies, on the other hand, are more dominant. Being the alpha of the pack (the protector and provider) is in their blood. That’s why it’s harder to train male huskies. They will act on impulse first if they feel you’re in danger.

Male Vs Female Siberian Huskies

So, does it mean bringing home a male Siberian husky isn’t worth the trouble? Or aren’t female huskies as protective as male huskies? 

Well, if you want the answers, this guide will address all your concerns so that you bring home the husky you can deeply love (because they will love you no matter what) and, most importantly, handle!

6 Differences Between Male and Female Siberian Huskies

Bringing a husky puppy at home is a major decision. The IFs’ and BUTs’ should be considered before you bring these gorgeous part-wolf dogs into your life.

Although both male and female huskies are fierce protectors and lovely family dogs, they have major personality differences. 

Consider every difference we are listing here so that you don’t end up being unfair to your husky.

#1. Dominance and aggression 

Let’s settle this first: your husky can be aggressive when trying to save you. But, if you’ve bonded with your husky and trained the dog well, the aggression will never be a threat to you and your family. 

Don’t write this breed off just because they come across as aggressive. After all, wouldn’t you, once in a while, have threatening body language if your family is in danger? That’s exactly how a husky thinks too. 

Now, let’s cut the chase and address the topic at hand. 

Female Siberian huskies are less dominant in comparison with a male husky. Male huskies, by nature, are born to lead their pack. 

If you’re bringing home a male Siberian husky, be prepared to have a very expressive and fierce dog that’ll be territorial when protecting you and your house. 

On the flip side, if you want a more chilled-out husky that doesn’t react to every passing eye, female huskies are ideal to have as a part of your family. 

Female huskies are mature. They won’t react to every single sound. Instead, they will react only when they sense some real danger.

But, by no means, assume that a husky (male as well as female) will ever be quiet. 

Bringing home huskies means you’re bringing home very expressive dogs that’ll bark and howl at the top of their lungs. 

You should definitely check out this popular video on YouTube to experience the first-hand differences between a male and female husky:

The Funny Differences Between Male and Female Huskies!


#2 Burst of energy

Bringing home a male Siberian husky means more activity. A male Siberian husky can’t sit still for a long time. 

In fact, you’ll somehow find yourself in the same room with a male husky almost always – how? Well, male Siberian huskies follow their HOOMANS like a shadow. So, he’s always going to be where you are. 

A female Siberian husky, on the other hand, is more independent. She, too, will demand your attention, but she will leave you alone for some time if you ask her nicely (yep, don’t hurt her feelings, she’s a softie!) 

#3. Training 

It’s against the genes of male Siberian huskies, inherited from their ancestors (wolves), to behave a certain way, all the time! Hence, training a male Siberian husky is testing. 

They don’t have the same maturity and calmness level as female Siberian Huskies have. It’s not too hard to train your female husky. 

That said, with the right attitude, it’s possible to train your husky, no matter the gender. 

Here’s an insightful Nat Geo documentary on training Siberian huskies and why it’s immensely important:

Sled Dogs | Life Below Zero

#4. Attitude and clinginess

Now, huskies are undeniably clingy, both male and female. But, the extent of clinginess varies a lot.

Male huskies are louder, much more expressive. If you won’t give them attention, they won’t sulk in a corner! They will get destructive, might get really, REALLY, loud, and might even run away like a silly child. 

Female huskies are more like sufferers in silence types. If ignored, they will stop interacting with you or hide their face in a corner until you finally pet them. 

Or, they will wait patiently, sit by your side, and paw you lightly again and again until you pet them.

#5. Cost of maintenance

This might be the most practical reason behind what you decide. Huskies are very expensive dogs. Their charisma steals hearts, but their maintenance can steal your money, lots of it!

If we have to still make a comparison between the two, maintaining a female husky is more expensive than maintaining a male Siberian husky.

#6. Emotional Aptitude and Tantrums

Huskies are vocal and sentimental gentle giants. Now that you know that female huskies are more mature and shy, you would naturally think that female huskies don’t throw many tantrums. However, it’s the opposite.

Female Siberian huskies throw tantrums when they’re angry, irritated, or hurt. However, their mood swings are usually very funny, but they love their HOOMANS so much that their tantrums don’t last long.

Here’s a very funny video of a popular female husky, Maya, trying to ignore her owner, but badly failing at it:

ANGRY Husky Can't Resist Singing Her Favorite Song | The Dodo

Male Siberian huskies, on the other hand, aren’t as dramatic as female Siberian huskies.

Comparison between the size of male and female Siberian Huskies

Male Siberian huskies:

Height: between 21″ to 24″.

Weight: between 45 pounds to 60 pounds.

Female Siberian huskies:

Height: between 20″ to 22″. 

Weight: between 35 pounds to 50 pounds 

What to expect if you bring both male and female huskies home?

Here, you’ll be up for a big surprise. We’ve said so many times that male huskies are the alpha of the pack, but that’s usually the case when it’s an all-male group of huskies.

If you bring a male and a female husky, the female one might be the alpha. If not the alpha, she will at least be the bolder and more independent one. 

You might find yourself grinning when your female husky will snap and your male husky will immediately calm down!  

Now, no matter what most people say, a male husky is usually dependent on the female husky if she shares a pack with him. 


1.) Do male or female huskies talk more?

Huskies are inherently very talkative. But, if we have to take sides, then it’s male huskies that are more talkative.

2.) Are male huskies good dogs?

Yes, very much. It might be harder to contain their energy. But, they’re very loyal. Male Siberian huskies are perfect family dogs when at least one owner is strong. 

3.) Are male huskies protective?

Immensely. Male Siberian Huskies react almost every single time when a stranger passes by. They’re quite aware of their surroundings when their owners are around. 

4.) Are female huskies fluffier than males?

Surprisingly, yes. Despite being shorter and lighter than male huskies, female Siberian huskies have a beautiful coat. 

They have very shiny and thick hair that makes them a lot fluffier than male Siberian huskies. 

Male Siberian huskies, on the other hand, are leaner.

5.) Are male huskies harder to train?

Yes. Male Siberian huskies are very energetic. They have the blood of an alpha. And that’s exactly why you need to ensure your male husky is well-trained. 

It should be you who’s the alpha of the pack. Otherwise, managing a breed as big and protective as a Siberian husky can be a nightmare.

6.) Are female huskies protective?

Some people might have an impression that female huskies aren’t as protective as male huskies. But, it’s not true. 

Whilst male Siberian huskies have a louder way to express their affection, female Siberian huskies are gentler. 

It might surprise you that female huskies are very protective when there are kids in the house. In fact, they love to lick their owners to groom them. 

If your female husky grooms you too, you’re one lucky owner because your dog will, without a single shade of doubt, give preference to your life over her life.  

7.) How do female huskies show affection?

They have their own subtle ways to express love. 

Gently pawing you, sitting close to you, and licking you are the very clear signs that your female Siberian husky is in unconditional love with you. 

Susan R Elliston
I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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