Is it Better to Have One Dachshund or Two?

Isn’t it amazing to have a dachshund running around in the house? Would you like to double it up by bringing another dachshund? 

If you’re thinking of getting two doxies home, there are certain things you need to know. 

In case you can afford to raise two dachshunds and do not mind the extra effort you have to put in, then getting two of them isn’t such a bad idea. 

The reason why having two dachshunds is better is because they’re pack animals. Dachshunds like to have a companion. This way you will have double the energy at home. 

Is it Better to Have One Dachshund or Two

And NO, you can’t get just another breed. You would need another doxie at home. Although they’re good with other breeds, having their own kind is even better. 

Here’s an article that sheds light on many aspects like some preliminary considerations, compelling reasons to get a dachshund, the best age to get a second doxie, and more!

Let’s dive right in! 

Should you get two dachshunds? 

Dachshunds like to have companions. They are usually happy with dogs and human beings. If you are playing with the dog and giving them lots of attention, they will be happy as the only dog. 

In case you are stepping out for work and staying away from them for several hours, this will make them feel lonely. 

You can’t let your dachshund feel lonely, so consider getting a mate for your doxie. It could be another female doxie or a male one. 

In most cases, having two doxies is better than having one. Hold that thought! 

One thing to know is that there might be some behavioral issues and plenty of aggression when two of the littermates are together. 

There’s a possibility of too many fights if the puppies are of the same size and age. Hence, you NEED TO WAIT till your first doxie is at least 8 to 12 months of age before bringing home the second one. 

What’s Littermate Syndrome? 

When we talk about getting a second dachshund, you need to understand the concept, ‘littermate syndrome.’ It’s when two puppies become so close to each other that nothing else really matters, including their parents. 

The puppies become emotionally dependent on each other and get major separation anxiety attacks if they are not together. You can’t separate these puppers! 

When you separate these puppies, they stop interacting with others and don’t budge to learn obedience skills. There is a lack of socialization and the puppy gets fearful of other dogs and people. 

Once they reach a mature stage, the littermates start fighting and get aggressive too. So, be careful when bringing home a second doxie!

4 Problems Caused by littermate Syndrome

1.) Separation anxiety – Your dachshund will have a breakdown if they are missing their fellow doxie. They don’t want to be apart for too long. 

2.) Bad social skills – When two doxies are always together, you might think they will be good with other dogs and people. That’s not correct! If these two doxies are inseparable, they don’t need anyone else. They would be heartbroken if you tried to separate them. 

3.) Difficulty in training – Training two doxies can be hard. You can’t get their attention because they are too busy with each other. It’s twice the work! 

4.) Sibling aggression becomes prominent – One of the siblings might be a bully, so there will be an aggression issue. When these littermates grow older, the aggression will be much more prominent. 

Now that you are aware of the problems that arise due to littermate syndrome, you might want to rethink the whole decision of getting two doxies. 

But, don’t be too fearful, we have also highlighted the five compelling reasons to get two dachshunds in the next section in case that’s been in your head for a long time. Keep reading! 

5 Compelling Reasons to Get Two Dachshunds

Still bent on getting two dachshunds? Well, mate, let’s shed light on the five compelling reasons to do so. 

1.) Expanding love isn’t a bad idea! 

Dachshund fandom has spread across the globe. They’re fun-loving and sweet creatures. These spirited doxies are loving companions, so you might want to expand the love and bring home two. 

Many doxie parents get tempted when a breeder announces they have a new litter. 

2.) Let the fun times unfold 

Dachshunds love to be together! If you’re someone who is always busy at work, it would be nice to get a companion for your doxie. 

The two doxies will play together, sleep together, and protect your home always. The two playmates will have a gala time with each other. Thus, it might be a good idea to have two instead of one. 

3.) Trainer in the house 

When you bring another sausage dog at home, the current doxie will help you train the new pupper. Now, that’s precisely why you shouldn’t be getting a doxie of the same size or age. 

Make sure you introduce the new doxie to your current doxie at a slow pace. Let them explore the surroundings first. Most of the older doxies who are well-adjusted will see this as an opportunity to take care of the younger sibling. 

Don’t see the strong eye contact as hostility. They’re going to love being with each other. 

4.) It’s cost-effective 

You might think that adding a new doxie to the family would be expensive. However, it’s just the initial cost. You would need to pay the cost of bringing a new doxie home, new bedding, medications, and vaccinations. That’s about it! 

These are just initial costs. The overall monthly costs would be low. They will be eating the same kind of food and might not even need separate bedding. 

Moreover, you don’t have to keep someone at home to take care of your doxie. The two doxies will take good care of each other! 

5.) A Lil More Security 

When you have two doxies, they will take better care of your home. Whether it’s the mail delivery man or the neighbor next door, these doxies will ensure nobody enters your space without their permission. 

These sausage dogs are extremely loyal. Dachshunds are alert and they’re known as hunting breeds. They are extremely territorial, so your space will forever be secure. Don’t go by their size – they have a massive personalities. 

Do two dachshunds fight? 

Two dachshunds might not always fight. You just need to ensure that they come at different stages of their lives. This way both of them will get the attention they need. 

Bringing home doxies of the same age and size can be troublesome as it leads to possessiveness and jealousy. The best age gap is about 8 months to at least 5 years. However, there’s no set rule here. 

Do two dachshunds fight

When you get dachshunds of the same age or even the same litter, it can be quite challenging. Once they get older, the dachshunds will get aggressive and hostile towards each other. 

This mostly happens when there are two females. Most of the breeders wouldn’t allow you to take two doxies from the same litter. 

Also, it might be challenging for you to introduce a new dachshund once the first one has already settled in. However, it depends on the current dachshund you have at home. Dachshunds are extremely sociable, so they love to play with others, especially their own kind. 

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Best Age to get a Second Dachshund 

You might be wondering about the best age to get a second doxie home. Ideally, get a second doxie when the first one is around 8 to 12 months old. 

You could even get a second doxie if the first one is 4-5 years old. There is no set age. You just need to ensure that the second doxie is not the same age or size. They shouldn’t be from the same litter too.

Now, please note that some older doxies might struggle with a high-energy young doxie. It doesn’t mean that you should rush the decision of getting a companion for your present one. 

Some doxies like to have their own space, so you have to see how they react with a second one in the house.  

Dachshunds are very independent and they can get feisty as well. It’s a problem when a second doxie enters home. How about getting your friend’s doxie home and seeing how the two cope up for a few days? If your first doxie is chilled out, he should be fine with another one at home. 

But, if your first doxie is very attached to you, it is best to give up the decision of getting another one home. They’re territorial and protective, so it might not be the best idea. 

It is best to take some time and find out more about the needs of your first doxie. Having a pal would be great for your first dachshund, but don’t rush into it. 

Have more queries? Check out the FAQs section as we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions. 


1. Do male dachshunds get along with each other?

Two male dachshunds will get along just fine with another if there is an age gap of at least 8 months to 12 months. 

A male and female dachshund will get along if there is a similar age gap – 8 to 12 months. In this case, you might want to neuter and spay the two of them. 

Two female dachshunds will have fights and may not get along. 

2. When is the best time to get a male dachshund?

The best time to get a second male dachshund home is when the first one is 8 months to 12 months old. 

If you have a female dachshund at home, you might want to get a pupper once the first one has settled in. 

Ideally, it would be nice to get a second dachshund when the first one is 2 years old. But there is no hard and fast rule. Just don’t get two doxies of the same age and you should be good. 

3. Do dachshunds get along with other dogs?

Dachshunds are extremely sociable creatures. They will get along with other dogs and playing would be much more fun. 

However, residing with another dog might be an issue. You might want to get one of their own kind – another dachshund. 

4. How big do male dachshunds get? 

Male dachshunds can grow about 8 to 9 inches. They’re sausage dogs, so they’re not very large. 

5. Are male dachshunds bitchy? 

Female dachshunds are self-reliant and bitchy. They have superiority issues, but a male dachshund does not have such issues. They will be friendly, sociable, and loving. 

6. Should I get two dachshunds? 

If you can afford two dachshunds, then you can surely get two. However, it is best to not get two dachshunds from the same litter. They should be from a different litter and not of the same age or size. 

7. Do all dachshunds get littermate syndrome?

No, not all siblings will get littermate syndrome. There are different things that influence a doxie’s behavior. It includes socialization, training, and early experiences. 

Some of the littermates will be happy with each other and would grow up to be best buddies. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Did you find all the answers to your queries? 

Well, dachshunds are such a joy to have. They are little, and the amount of energy in their bodies will keep you on your toes. 

If you have kids at home or just one dachshund, you might need a second one. High-energy level kids need two dogs. In fact, anyone who has a busy schedule would need a friendly mate for their dachshund. 

As long as you don’t get the second doxie of the same age or size, you will have a peaceful environment at home. Make sure each doxie gets equal attention from you.  

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