What Does It Mean When Parakeets Kiss? (4 Reasons)

Seeing two parakeets kissing makes anyone go, ‘Aww!’ and it is a great sight too. Do you wonder whether it’s a sign of affection and love? Well, not exactly. 

Parakeets are lovely birds, but a kiss between them could mean a lot of things. Don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t know what the kiss or the entwined beaks mean. 

There was a day when we sat down and wondered how birds showed their affection towards other birds. 

Well, there’s spring season when they showcase their mating intentions and show lots of affection to their prospective mate. Cuddling with each other is another sign they showcase love towards each other. 

What Does It Mean When Parakeets Kiss

Parakeets might be kissing because they’re hungry or it could also be a fight. There’s a chance your parakeets like each other and are showing affection. That’s the obvious thought inside anyone’s head, but let’s reveal all the reasons in this article.  

Dive in right away! 

Why do Parakeets Kiss Each Other? 

When parakeets ‘kiss’, they are bumping or locking the beaks. People call it a kiss, but it could mean different things. 

Now, kissing is a sign of affection and friendship. Affection could be towards friends, family, elders, and lovers. Most birds act the same way. Kissing is one of the ways parakeets showcase their affection. 

Hold that thought! It doesn’t mean that it’s just a sign of love. We human beings have a habit of jumping to conclusions, but this article will bust all the myths. 

If the parakeets are friends, kissing would be normal behavior. It could be between two male parakeets as well. They might even cuddle and sleep closely. 

There’s a possibility the parakeets are simply kissing because they want to exchange food. Let’s dig deeper and find out how parakeets show affection. 

How do the Parakeets show Affection? 

Parakeets show affection by cuddling and kissing each other. They also preen and stay close to one another. 

When the parakeets are captive, they get attached to the companion birds, the owners, and even the toys that are kept inside. 

Parakeets don’t hide their emotions – they showcase them loud and clear. 

Parakeets touch the ones they love with the beak and chirp happily. If you’re noticing this behavior, they are just trying to showcase their friendship and affection. 

Signs Your Parakeets are Kissing 

It’s quite frequent to see parakeets kissing each other with their beaks interlocked. Other signs that showcase they’re kissing are when they murmur, the eyes are partly shut, and the weaving of heads. 

When parakeets are close to one another and they interlock their beaks, it is a clear sign of trust. Kissing helps in enhancing the existing relationship or improving the connection with another bird. 

Parakeets are expressive birds and they have strong friendships too. If they become friends with another parakeet, both the birds will spend a lot of time with each other. 

4 Reasons Why Parakeets Kiss Each other 

Parakeets kiss each other for multiple reasons. The kisses might indicate love and affection, but don’t make judgments initially. 

Parakeets use their beaks for multiple things like sharing food, kissing, showing affection, fighting, etc. It’s their way to interact with others. 

The nose is their weapon or apparatus through which they investigate the whole world. 

Parakeets are generally very affectionate and friendships between them can be really strong. 

Here are the four reasons why your parakeets kiss each other: 

1.) Affection 

Parakeets are sociable and they are happy when other parakeets join them in the cage. They feel lonely if their cage mate goes away. Once the bond is really strong, they will showcase their affection by tapping beaks or ‘kissing.’ 

It’s a sign that these two birds are expressing fondness towards each other. They like each other and are happy to be sharing the space. 

Even if the two parakeets are not sexually mature, they will kiss. It’s a non-sexual gesture and a very common way of showcasing affection. 

2.) Feeding Each Other

They’re not kissing – it’s a way of feeding food to each other. A beak is how they interact with one another. Parakeets have a sharing and caring nature. They will share their food and divide it equally. 

The parakeet parents will feed their young ones, and it’s regurgitated food. It might be unpleasant or weird for us, but that’s how it works in the parakeet world. 

Parakeets feeding each other

Even cats showcase the same behavior. They bring dead animals to their owner with the hope they will eat it (but that’s not going to happen). 

Parakeet parents might think it’s vomiting, but it is just a way of feeding food to the baby parakeets. 

Kissing could also mean that they are hungry or want to eat. Parakeets eat together – they’re one happy family or couple. 

You can’t make out much when they interlock the beaks because it’s too small, but it is possible that they’re feeding each other or communicating they’re hungry. 

3.) Preening Time 

Parakeets preen the feather. It’s like a daily routine for them. The parakeets have the habit of layering the feathers neat and removing debris or dust. 

Parakeets might be having some trouble grooming these hard-to-reach areas such as their own face. The other parakeet might be helping their friend to preen around the beak. 

It’s a very healthy act. Let the parakeets bond with each other. 

4.) Exploring 

Parakeets have beaks and it’s the most important part of their body. They use it to climb, make all kinds of sounds, eat, play, show affection, and fight. 

When they are very young, they will use their beaks to do everything. These little parakeets will be so curious that they will explore the world with their beak. 

It’s similar to what babies do – they explore everything with their hands. Don’t be surprised if your parakeet bites you because they’re just exploring. 

So, when two parakeets kiss, it is basically a bite or just a way to test the strength of the beak. 

There is no harm in exploring, but it could also be a fight. How do you tell if it’s a kiss or a fight? Well, jump to the next section, amigos. 

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Are My Parakeets Kissing or Fighting?

Parakeets are affectionate and docile birds – when they kiss, they are showcasing respect, affection, trust, and acceptance. Don’t be fooled – they can bite each other as well. 

Fighting is quite common, especially among parakeets. They are very stubborn birds. Of course, the affectionate side weighs more, but stubbornness also exists. 

There will be times the parakeets will bite another parakeet’s beak. This is a sign of fighting, and you need to do something about it. Ideally, you should separate both the parakeets. If it’s a gang fight, take the help of others or say a firm NO. 

There are some signs that could tell you your parakeet is mad and is in the mood to fight. The signs include beak biting, eye pinning, hissing, chasing, screaming, feather plucking, beak biting, and raised wings. 

Parakeets have the tendency to warn other birds to not get very close. They will scream and raise their wings to warn the other bird. If this doesn’t work, they might get into a defensive posture. 

Once the beaks are hitting each other, it’s obvious that they’ve started the fight. 

How will Parakeets Show Affection to You? 

Now you are aware of how parakeets show affection and anger towards other parakeets. Have you wondered how they will show affection to you? Well, there are many ways to know if your parakeet loves you. 

1.) Lots of Cuddles 

Your parakeet will give you cuddles. This shows they love you. If your parakeet is close to you all the time, it means they love you. It’s also a sign that they trust you completely and are ready to build a loving bond. 

2.) Sweet Kisses 

Parakeets don’t really have lips, so their kisses will be very different. If the parakeet puts its beak on the face (cheeks or lips), they want to kiss you or are kissing you. 

They might even stick out their tongue or nibble you. Now, please beware because a mad parakeet might be in the mood to give you a bite too. 

If they are not screaming or shouting, they are showing their love through nibbling or pecking on cheeks. 

3.) Singing, Cooing, and Purring 

Parakeets are extremely vocal birds. They sing and coo to you when they love you a little too much. 

Parakeets can purr at times and sit very close to you. 

4.) Sleeping on You 

Your parakeet will sleep very close to you. It’s a sign they love you a little too much. If your parakeet is sleeping next to you or on you, it means they trust you. They know you’re going to keep them safe and not hurt them at all. 

5.) Wagging the Tail 

Do you feel dogs are the only ones that wag their tails? Parakeets have a little tail as well and it goes side to side or up and down. It basically means they love you! 

Well, that’s a lot about parakeets and their ways of showing affection. 

Have more queries? You will find most of the answers in the FAQs section. 


Why do Parakeets Kiss each other?

Parakeets share a kiss when they want food or showcase affection towards each other. There is also a possibility that the two parakeets are fighting/biting. If it’s a bite, it means the other bird has upset the first one.

What does it mean when Birds Kiss?

Birds kissing could mean anything. It might be strange when you see birds kissing. When two birds kiss, it could be courtship or it is possible they like each other.

Do Parakeets Bite each other’s beaks?

It is quite common for parakeet parents to get bitten by their little ones. However, a parakeet biting another parakeet’s beak means they either do not like each other or they got into a fight. 

It’s also possible they are checking the strength of the beak.

Do Parakeets eat out of the same bowl? 

Parakeets chew food and use their beak to feed it to another bird. It might seem like a kiss, but you will see the food in between. 

Food plays a major role in the parakeet’s world. That’s how they interact with each other. They divide food and share it amongst them. 

Why do Parakeets bite each other’s faces?

Parakeets can be aggressive. They might bite each other, and there will be some obvious signs. Parakeets use their beak to show aggression, affection and even feed each other. 

Why do Parakeets Kiss other birds?

Parakeets are social birds – they interact with each other and are quite affectionate too. Parakeets kiss other birdies because they trust one another.

Why do my Parakeets tap their beaks together?

Parakeets are mostly happy with each other, but there are times when there will be fights. 

On the other hand, they’re very social too and are happiest when they share the cage with a fellow parakeet. It is common to see a strong bond between parakeets. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Parakeets could kiss for multiple reasons. If it’s between a female and a male, you would find them cuddling, sitting together, cooing, and purring. 

If two male parakeets are kissing each other, it could be a fight or they might be sharing food. Aggressive behavior has other signs too like flared wings, screaming, and biting. 

When two parakeets are kissing out of affection, they will sit close to each other and it will be an endearing moment. 

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