Do Heelers Like Water? (7 Reasons)

Australian cattle dogs or heelers are adorable in many ways. It’s not just their happy nature, but also their love for different kinds of activities that make them adventurous in their own unique ways. 

Have you ever wondered whether your heeler likes water or not?

Some dogs give their parents a hard time when it’s time to take a bath. Are heelers like that? Not really! Heelers will enjoy going out with you and basking in the sunshine. 

Heelers are great swimmers, and they enjoy being in the water. They like keeping cool during Summers. Swimming and playing fetch in a lake is their definition of having fun.

Do Heelers Like Water

But, there are some heelers who may not like to step out for a swim, so consider their emotions as well. 

Also, pet parents shouldn’t bathe their Australian cattle dog or heeler regularly. They should only take a bath when they’re really dirty or stinky. 

Do you want to know the reasons that heelers like water? If yes, keep reading as we have all the information about heelers, their personality, and why they enjoy being in the water. Let’s get started, mate! 

Heelers’ Personality Traits: A Lil Sneak Peek 

Heelers are not hyperactive like some breeds. They like to relax under the sunshine and lounge next to their parents. 

You won’t find them going crazy or showcasing destructive behavior. If we put it in other words – heelers are a lot calmer as compared to other dog breeds. 

They remain alert and are excellent watchdogs. Did you know that they are herding dogs? That’s correct! If there’s a heeler on the farm, none of the sheep, cow, or pigs would go missing. 

Here’s a quick sneak peek of a heelers’ personality traits: 

1.) Heelers are fiercely loyal. They will be attached to one person in the family and will remain loyal till the last day of their life. Perhaps, they will follow you into the dark. 

2.) They’re not very hyperactive, but exercise is a must. You must take them out for a little hike or swimming sessions. Yes, you read that right! Most heelers enjoy swimming, so consider adding it to the weekly activity list. 

3.) Heelers shouldn’t go into a large family with other pets. They usually get attached to one human in the family and stay loyal till the end of time. 

4.) If you don’t want the heeler to indulge in destructive behavior, keep them mentally and physically active. 

Gentle, loyal, and alert – heelers are excellent dogs for solo parents or a little family. 

Let’s cut back to the chase and find out the reasons why heelers like water. 

Heelers ARE Natural Swimmers 

If a heeler doesn’t want to go into the water, it’s not because they don’t know how to swim. Heelers and all kinds of dogs are natural swimmers. Once they go into the water, their legs and feet start working instantaneously. 

Here’s a video of a heeler enjoying a happy swimming day. 

Blue Heelers Love To Swim!!

Of course, you need to think about the safety measures when a heeler goes into a lake, a pond, or a flat surface sea. 

Make sure the waves are not too wild or the lake doesn’t have crocodiles and deadly creatures. You always need to worry about the safety of your fur baby! 

Heelers are quite smart. When you throw a stick in the lake, they will head straight to the water and chase the floating stick. It’s a fun exercise and game for them, so consider doing this often. 

Bathing a Heeler 

We’re aware that heelers like to swim and fetch sticks from the lake/pond/pool, but you need to understand that the grooming needs are minimal. 

The heeler does not need a bath every week. Once in every four to five weeks is enough. 

In case your heeler gets dirty in the muck or is stinky, you should give them a bath. 

But it’s not required to trim the hair of the heeler or give them a bath regularly. Maintenance needs of heelers are quite minimum! 

You might need to chase a heeler to get them in the tub for bathing. Heelers are not exactly fond of baths, but they are in general happy to swim in lakes and pools. 

Why is that so? Have you wondered why your heeler likes the water a little too much? Let’s find out in the next section. 

7 Reasons Why Your Heeler Likes Water 

Drum rolls, please! 

We’re going to share the seven reasons why a heeler loves being in the water. We’re talking about swimming in shallow and deep waters, and not bathing in the tub or getting chased by grooming experts. 

#1 Maneuvering all the energy the right way 

Heelers are active breeds, but they are not exactly hyperactive. Whenever they need some form of exercise or just wish to expend their energy, swimming happens to be their favorite activity. 

They can jump into the pool and use up all their energy the right way. It’s like using up all the energy the right way. 

#2 Challenging their comfort zone 

Bathing is not a challenging task for heelers. You can tell that the heeler loves to smell or gravitate towards trouble. 

Jumping or playing in a lake or a pool is a fun and challenging activity. Heelers can get into the water and feel like they’ve accomplished something. 

Perhaps, they are also aware that you don’t want them to gravitate towards trouble, so they will do something that catches your attention. 

Jumping into the water body is one of those tactics to gain your attention since they’re not huskies that will howl or a lab that’ll dig the soil to get your attention. 

#3 It’s a fun exercise, mate! 

Heelers need exercise and walking isn’t always fun for them. Walking 60 minutes can be tiring for you and your heeler may not enjoy it as much. 

When you take your heeler out for swimming, 15 minutes is enough. It makes them feel rejuvenated and they get a little tired too in just fifteen minutes. 

#4 They like to keep it cool during the summer season

Heelers have short hair, but they feel warm too. When they jump into the water, it’s also a way of cooling down. In case you live in a region where summers are ruthless, it is obvious that your little furry ball will enjoy swimming. 

#5 Heelers love outdoor activities 

Heelers love all kinds of outdoor activities and swimming is included in that. You can also take them out for kayaking, a yacht tour, or a little snorkeling session. 

Make sure your heeler is in front of your eyes and doesn’t go missing. They won’t drown in the water, but you never know about the depth of water or the madness of waves. 

#6 It’s in their genes

Crossing rivers happens to be in their genes. Their forefathers used to cross rivers and take up challenging tasks. 

Whenever a heeler sees a river or a water body, they get tempted and feel like jumping into the water. It’s a natural instinct! 

If you are planning an adventurous tour, take your heeler with you because they know how to have a good time. 

Swimming, crossing rivers, and even chasing fish happen to be their favorite things to do. 

Life isn’t dull with a heeler! So, don’t make your heeler’s life boring by keeping them indoors!

#7 Heelers are playful 

The majority of the heelers are playful, so you will find that jumping into the water comes out of their playfulness and need to push the boundaries. 

Let your little fur ball go into the woods, cross rivers, jump into the lake, and chase fish. 

Teaching Swimming to a Heeler

It might sound funny at first, but some heelers don’t have a lot of confidence going into the water. 

You can’t TEACH them swimming because they’re natural swimmers, but you can certainly give them some confidence to go into the water. 

Heelers have different kinds of personalities – some are firecrackers and rebellious and others lack confidence. 

→ You can start by placing a lifejacket on the heeler. They don’t need it, but it will help in developing some confidence. 

→ If you aren’t confident about your dog going swimming on his own, consider tying a rope to the life jacket to see how far they go. This will also give your heeler a gist of what’s dangerous and what’s within their boundaries. 

In case the heeler starts panicking, you need to take them out of the water. 

Every heeler has his/her own comfort zone – so, go slow with the swimming lessons. 

Do you have more queries? If yes, we have a little FAQs section for you! 


1. Do heelers like swimming?

Blue and red heelers love to swim. They’re very fond of water and can easily enjoy a day out in the open. 

Heelers are excellent swimmers, and as it is, they are natural pros at it. However, you might find that even dogs of the same breed have unique personalities. So, swimming might not be a fun activity for your heeler. 

Take your heeler’s attitude into consideration before just throwing them in a pool. They might not like being taught like that!

2. Can a heeler go into a swimming pool? 

Heelers are a herding breed – they take care of the cattle and make sure none of them are missing from the herd. Going to the swimming pool can be a further fun workout for your heeler. 

You must definitely include this activity once or twice every week as your heeler might enjoy it. 

3. How much exercise does a blue heeler need?

Swimming is one of the best exercises for a blue heeler or any dog for that matter. 

But swimming is a strenuous exercise – it isn’t the same as walking. 15 minutes of swimming session is enough for dogs like a heeler unless they want to stay longer. 

You must also find out whether or not your blue or red heeler likes to swim as all heelers have different personalities. 

4. What’s the best type of exercise for a Blue Heeler?

You can get a jolly ball for your blue heeler. They enjoy pushing and chasing it. Also, these balls are available in different sizes and styles. 

You can choose the one that your heeler would like. After all, pet parents know everything about their fur ball. 

5. Are heelers’ good swimmers?

Heelers are natural swimmers, so you can have a fun time with them at the pool. 

Since every heeler has a unique personality, you might want to see whether they are interested in going to the pool, a lake, or a beach. 

There are some odd gloomy days, so make sure they are up to swimming. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Long periods in the swimming pool or lake can tire your heeler. They might go to sleep after reaching home. 

Consider taking them out for swimming every once in a while. Perhaps once or twice a week is enough. 

Heelers need exercise and require play time – swimming is the best way to channelize their energy the right way. Let them go have fun. Better still, you can join them in their little swimming session! 

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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