How Do I Keep My Rottweiler Puppy Busy? (8 Ways)

Puppies require lots of attention just like newborn babies. Canine puppies are more independent than our babies and they have tons more energy.

So, they’ll need to be kept busy and entertained to burn off energy. Playing is the ideal solution. There are numerous ways to keep your Rottie puppy busy and burning all that excess energy and we have some great suggestions for you. 

How Do I Keep My Rottweiler Puppy Busy

Why You Should Play with Your Rottweiler Puppy?

Playing with a puppy is not only important to keep your new BFF busy, but also a crucial part of your Rottie’s mental, physical, and social development. It also is an occasion to increase your bonding with your new fur buddy.

Mental Development

Rotties are sensitive and intelligent canines. Mental stimulation is just as important to their well-being as their physical engagement. If a Rottweiler puppy is bored, it will inevitably find something to do.

This can lead to undesirable chewing, incessant barking or scratching doors and furniture. Finding mentally stimulating games that contribute to your pup’s development will challenge your puppy and prepare your puppy for training.

Physical Development

Rottweilers are quite large in size. They were bred as working dogs for herding purposes meaning they have both strength and stamina, as well as abundant energy.

Hence this breed has substantial exercise necessities. A mature Rottweiler will need at least an hour of exercise daily if not more.

Exercising through play can contribute to muscle and bone development for overall health. Plus, if Rotties get bored, they can become destructive if allowed to play on their own. So, playing is a great way to burn off excess energy.

Social Development

Playing provides a puppy with new experiences and occasions for socialization. During play puppies can interact with other people and perhaps other dogs or puppies.

Through play socialization they can learn what kinds of behavior are inappropriate and what behavior is acceptable in an entertaining way.


Rottweilers are known to be extremely loyal to their pet parents or family members as they belong to their pack. Your puppy’s well-being will, in great measure, depend on his or her rapport with you, the pet parent.

Your pup needs your attention every day, so you will need to schedule a few hours to spend with your pooch daily.

This time should not be limited to cuddling but should include exercise, play, and some basic training. Not only will you contribute to your pooch’s development but strengthen your bond. 

What to Avoid During Play

It’s important to remember not to reinforce undesirable behavior. Your pooch will grow into a large muscular dog, so wrestling is not ideal during play. Chasing is also a problem as this can reinforce predatory behavior.

Make sure that your pup has dog toys. Puppies should not be allowed to play with items that are not toys. Items like slippers are off limits.

If you give your pup a slipper, your Rottie may progress to your shoes. Your Rottweiler should also not use your arms, feet, hands, legs, or your clothing as toys.

Dog toys should be the only thing your Rottie puts in its mouth. As your pup matures, he or she may unintentionally bite your hand or clothing if body parts and clothing are not off limits.

Ways to Keep Your Rottweiler Busy

1. Go for a Walk

Rottweiler Walk

Walks are fantastic for keeping rottweilers engaged. Not only will your puppy get its necessary exercise, but he or she will be mentally stimulated by all of the things seen, heard, and above all, smelled along the way.

Your pup will meet things that are entirely different than what’s at home. There will be lots of first experiences and new things to stimulate your pooch, and your pup may get a bit of socialization as well by meeting other people and other dogs.

Going for a walk is also an occasion to leash train your dog. If you walk your pup daily, you can vary your route to provide new stimuli.

2. Begin Obedience Training

Rottweilers obedience training

For large dogs like Rottweilers, obedience training is a must. Obedience training will also help keep your pup, other people and dogs safe.

It is crucial that your dog understand and perform basic commands like “stay”, “sit”, “drop it”, and “come” among others. Remember that your puppy will one day be a grown Rottweiler weighing in at a hundred pounds or so. 

Use training as a game with positive reinforcement such as treats, petting, verbal praise, or a favorite toy when commands are executed.

Since Rotties are bred as working dogs, they will enjoy being given tasks. They love to please their pet parents, so your dog will not only train but enjoy doing so.

3. Tug-of-War

Tug-of-War Rottweilers

Puppies will put things in their mouths, especially when teething, so make sure it’s something proper. Playing tug-of-war with an appropriate rubber or rope toy is one such toy.

Tug-of-war is an important game to introduce your pooch to so you can establish from the get-go that it Is acceptable for your Rottie to pull at the toy but never at clothing or limbs.

This game will strengthen jaws but is low impact for joints that are still developing.

4. Fetch

Playing fetch with Rottweiler

Fetch is a traditional canine game. It’s a great way to get your pup to run while you rest even if your puppy may need some help in the beginning.

Playing fetch is also a way to reinforce basic commands like sit, stay, come, or drop it. Because Rotties are bigger puppies with powerful jaws, get a ball that is designed to resist stress.

5. Hide-and-Seek

This is a fun game that can include other friends and family. One person can remain with the pup, while another hides.

When your Rottie finds the hidden person, give a reward. Should your puppy exhibit a particular gift for this game, consider search and rescue training.

Try hiding toys or treats for your Rottie to find as a form of hide-and-seek. This is fantastic for providing mental stimulation and engagement.

You can play it indoors with your pup if it’s raining. Use containers, old socks, or even a rolled-up towel with a treat inside.

6. Agility and Obstacle Training

Rottweiler Obstacle Training

If you have a yard or a large basement, consider creating an obstacle course for your pup. This will keep your pup engaged for hours. This will guarantee daily exercise and contribute to physical development.

Include ramps, tunnels, tires, and whatever is available. It will also serve as mental stimulation and as the perfect activity for teamwork.

If your pup enjoys this kind of game, take it to the competitive level with agility training.

7. Water Play

Rottweiler Water Play

If your puppy seems to enjoy water, consider water play. Do not force your puppy if he or she isn’t happy in the water. Whether in salt water or a chlorinated pool, you’ll have to rinse off your dog’s coat after play.

The first lesson is how to leave if you are in a pool. Your pup should be able to exit alone. Teach your pooch to swim and then play fetch with a treat or toy.

If you don’t have a pool, lake or beach in the vicinity, try a lawn sprinkler for some refreshing fun.

8. Teach Tricks

Rottweilers are smart, so they can learn tricks. Teach you pup some tricks other than obedience commands like rolling over, playing dead, or shaking a paw. Remember there will be a lot of repetition needed.

A Final Thought

Although you will be attempting to keep you Rottweiler puppy engaged, you will be dedicating lots of time to your pup and benefitting from an unrepeatable occasion to bond with your Rottie as he or she grows into maturity. 

Susan R Elliston
I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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