Which Color Cavapoo Is Most Expensive?

Cavapoos are small-breed dogs – they’re a cross between the famous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a toy Poodle. 

They’re also known as Cavadoodle and Cavoodles. These little puppers have a very playful and friendly nature. So, if you’re thinking of getting one home, it will be a joyful time for you and your family. 

Hold that thought! 

What Color Cavapoo do You Want?

That’s the tricky bit! Cavapoos are available in different colors, so you won’t have any dearth of options.

Which Color Cavapoo Is Most ExpensiveBlack cavapoos can be quite expensive, and it’s rare to find a pure black-coat one. Even though red cavapoos are more commonly found, they can be quite expensive – more than a black cavapoo. 

It depends on the area you’re living in and the demand for red cavapoos. The cost goes up when your cavapoo is red in color with white spots. 

Would you like to know the cost of black/red cavapoos? There’s more information we have in this in-depth article, so keep reading to find out! 

One Breed, Different Colours 

Cavapoos are available in many colors like white, cream, apricot, red, chestnut, and black. Then, you have solid coat cavapoos and the ones that are tri-color and bi-color. 

The coloring would really depend on the dog’s parentage. Red cavapoos are getting really popular these days, and most people find it enticing to own a red and white cavapoo. 

Cavapoos are affectionate and graceful like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and they are also intelligent like a Poodle. 

As per American Kennel Club, these little cavapoos come in four colors. Who knows? It really depends on the breeding process. However, the AKC also recognizes 10 standard colors for the poodle and they’re all solid. 

Breeding Really Matters 

Both the parenting breeds come in different colors, so you might get a fun combination of colors too. 

Black cavapoo is uncommon, but there are some common colors too. If you have a specific color in mind, you can let the breeder know. They will pick two perfect mates to get you the perfect cavapoo. 

Even though selective breeding is practiced everywhere, it is not a guarantee that you will get a cavapoo of desirable color. In such cases, you need to accept your little one and shower as much love. 

Let’s say that the breeder chooses two dark parents, it doesn’t mean they will have a rare cavapoo. You will surely get cute puppies, but don’t wait for a black one. 

Do you want to know the different colors they’re available in? Find out the details in the next section! 

All Kinds of Colors, Same Puppy Heart 

1.) Black Cavapoo – As we mentioned before, it is the rarest colored cavapoo. They have a solid black coat and there are no patches. However, you might find some bi-colored cavapoos as well. 

White Cavapoo

2.) White Cavapoo – A solid white cavapoo looks sweet! You might find little patches or spots of red, tan, apricot, and black. What’s your pick? White cavapoos need to be taken care of a little extra because they have a lighter color coat. 

3.) Red Cavapoo – They’re also known as ruby-colored cavapoos. Red is a common color option, but you will find different shades too. You can find a dark red, chestnut-red, strawberry-shade, and true red cavapoo.

You can find some spots on them too! Since we were talking about breeding, this little one can be created by breeding an apricot miniature poodle and ruby-coloured CKC Spaniel. Some of the red cavapoos can be super expensive, depending on the area you live in and the demand for these doggos. 

4.) Light-Colored Cavoodles – You can’t call them white colored cavapoos because they are lighter than brown/red and not exactly white. You will find a peachy-tone cavapoo – the color is called, ‘apricot.’

Tan cavapoos have such beautiful coats – you will see these puppers often. Tan and apricot are the most common colors, and they might or might not have patches and spots. 

5.) Dark-Colored Cavoodles – These cavapoos come in golden, chocolate, and sable colors. Golden cavapoos have the same color as a golden retriever. The coat is light gold or deep gold – everything depends on their parents. Chocolate cavapoos happen to come in dark brown color.

The parentage could be a brown or a black poodle. Sable cavapoos are very rare and can be expensive. This baby puppy is a combination of tan and black. You might find silver fleckings as well. 

6.) Bi-Colour Cavapoos – These little munchkins can come in black and white color or even red and white color. Black, white, or tan is supposed to be the base, and the chest, face, legs, and belly would be a different color. Most of the CKC Spaniels are bi-colored, so it is common to see a bi-color cavapoo. 

7.) Tri-Color Cavapoos – Would you like to have a tricolor cavapoo? Well, they come in interesting colors. Some poodles have multi-colored furs, so there’s a chance your pupper would be tri-colored. They’re quite unique – you can find different colors on the fur like white, black, and other colors. 

Some people don’t care about the color of their cavapoo. When they head out to buy a cavapoo, it might be love at first sight. 

Others are particular about getting a specific colored cavapoo. We’re all different, so our needs and wants are different too.  

Which Color Cavapoo is the Most Expensive? 

Let’s cut to the chase and find out which cavapoo is the most expensive. 

Now, the price of a cavoodle depends on many factors and color is one of them. You find many colors and the credit goes to the lineage of cavapoos. 

There are some colors that are premium; thus, expensive. 

Red is a common color, but it is the most expensive one. However, the cost will also depend on the sex and age of the cavapoo. 

Usually, female red cavapoo puppers are more expensive because they have the ability to reproduce. 

A red-colored female is most expensive, especially if both the parents are healthy. In this case, your cavapoo might cost about $2000. 

If the cavapoo is of red color with white spots, then the cost will go up. 

Black cavapoos are also rare, so the price will be high. Expect the price to go up to $1500. They’re not as expensive as the red or the red with white patches, but black cavapoos are rare. 

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Color Changes and So Does Your Cockapoo!

Does the color of your cavapoo really matter? Well, here’s some news: the color will change as soon as the puppy gets older. 

Even if they are dark red or brown in color, it will fade away and turn into white or pink. You might ask – is it worth paying all the dollars if the color is going to lighten and change? 

Well, cavapoos are very much like poodles – blame it on the genetic quality. They have a fading gene. It changes the color of the coat as the cavapoos start getting older.  

A black cavapoo will have a faded coat in a few years. It might turn into silver or grey. A brown coat cavapoo will have a caramel or beige coat when they enter their adult years. 

Do you need to worry about this? Not really! There will be several changes in your puppy’s coat, so don’t get worked up. Most cavapoos might not even have color changes, so you need not worry. 

If you are buying an expensive red-coat puppy, their coat might turn into soft apricot or deep red. Is that a bad thing? Well, your puppy will remain the same when they’re older. They will still love you and get wiser too! 

In case you are bent on getting a specific color pupper, you need to get an older cavapoo whose color won’t change. 

Is it Rare to Have a Red Cavapoo? 

Red is a standard color because most of the CKC Spaniels are ruby red in color. You can mix the breeds with an apricot-color poodle to get bright red cavapoos. The red-colored cavapoos can be seen with white patches as well. 

Red Cavapoo


Even though a red cavapoo is a standard color, you have to pay more for it. A reputable breeder would offer you a red cavapoo for $2000 or up. Make sure you check the health and gender of the little cavapoo. 

The color of your red cavapoo might change over the years, and it may turn lighter too. If you don’t want to see any changes, consider adopting or getting an older red cavapoo. After all, you will be paying the price for a RED cavapoo. It’s a high price to pay! 

Still have queries in your head? Feel free to check out the FAQs section! 


At What Age Does A Cavapoo Change Color?

Cavapoos start changing their color as soon as they start getting older. The puppy stage is different from the adult stage, so you will keep seeing changes in their coat. 

A black cavoodle might turn into a silver or grey cavoodle as soon as they reach the adult stage. Blame it on the fading gene they get from poodles. 

What’s The Most Popular Cavapoo Color?

Red is the most popular and expensive cavapoo color. You can expect to pay about $2000 or up for this variant. 

Which is the Rarest Cavapoo Color?

The rarest cavapoo color is black. They’re rare, cute, and adorable.  Red is a standard color, but people pay more for a red cavapoo with white spots. 

Does an Apricot Cavapoo Turn White Over Time?

The color of the coat changes as soon as the cavapoo starts getting older. Apricot cavapoos might turn white as soon as they reach the adult stage. However, there’s a chance they might not change color at all. 

Are Cavoodles Worth The Money?

Absolutely! You must get a cavoodle. Red ones are the most popular, but you can get any color cavoodle. If you want a specific color and are not ready to see changes, it is best to get an older red cavapoo. 

Why Are Cavoodles Called a Designer Breed?

Cavoodles are a product of two pure-bred dogs (poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), so they are a designer breed. You will get a non-shedding cavoodle once the breeding is successful. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Now that you are aware of different colored cavoodles, it will be easy to pick one for your family. 

If you ask us, any color cavoodle is cute and adorable. They have positive characteristics, so that makes them worth the investment. 

Shell out some extra dollars – you’re going to have the most adorable and loving companion for the next 12-15 years. 

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