Why Do Aussies Lay on Me? (10 Reasons)

The Australian Shepherds, often nick-named as Aussies, are one adorable and lively breed that succumbs only to its owners!

But does that mean they are ferocious towards others members of the family?

Definitely not!

But they might not be very friendly to sudden strangers in the house!

And as they are too much attached only to their owners, it’s obvious that they try to cling to the owners for most of the time due to want of love, care, affection and trust!

Your Aussie will tend to lay on you for most of the time and it’s their way of showing its feelings towards you. It might lay on you for various reasons like as a sign of trust, loyalty and assurance of security from you, not feeling well, loving you or simply just for spending time with you and strengthening it’s bond with you!


Besides these, there are various other reasons as well for which your Aussie might lay on you and that’s what this post is all about.

So, let’s read in depth to find out more about the behavioral patterns of Aussies and the reasons behind them…

10 Reasons why Aussies lay on you

Nearly all dogs have some behavioral patterns in common as a way of showing love and trust towards you like licking you, wagging its tail on seeing you, bringing it’s toys to you and also laying on you.

But today we will learn mainly the reasons behind which Aussies tend to lay on for most of the time:

1. Your Aussie has chosen you as its owner

As I have mentioned before, Aussies are not friendly towards every member of the family.

They are more of a one-person dog and so, if your Aussie lays on you, it means you are the lucky one whom it has chosen as its loyal companion in the house.

It means that it loves you the most and will always follow you as it’s ideal person and will love and trust you the most.

2. Your Aussie is too clingy

Sometimes it might feel that your Aussie has become your shadow as wherever you go, it follows you. But that’s the nature of an Aussie. It’s bred to be that way.

And laying on you is just another aspect of it being too clingy towards you and following you all the time as it does not want to leave you.

3. Your Aussie wants all your attention

An Aussie would not want every family member to love him.

The only thing it wants is all your attention and that is why it lays on you so that your primary focus is always him.

By leaning on you, it shows that it depends on you and wants every bit your time.

4. Your Aussie is too loyal towards you

If your Aussie sits on you, leans on you, keeps its head on your shoulder or lap, it’s his way of showing its loyalty towards you that whatever the situation might be, it’s always there for you to support you, to love you, and to share your worries and problems.

5. Your Aussie doesn’t want to be left alone

Though Aussies might not be too friendly with all, but on the other hand it also does not want to be left alone and so it always lays on you so that you don’t leave him for once.

6. It has become it’s habit since childhood

You might have liked to cuddle with your Aussie while it was a child and now it has become it’s habit to cuddle with you by sitting on you or laying on you to get those massages and the belly rub from you.

7. It’s your aussie’s way of showing love

Yes, it just might be your Aussies way of telling you that it loves you whole-heartedly and unconditionally by making contact with your body and sharing your warmth.

8. Your Aussie trusts you

Your Aussie will only lay on the person it trusts completely and so if it’s you on whom he lays on, know that you have succeeded in gaining his trust.

9. It needs more care from you

Do we feel good at all times? No, right? Similarly, your Aussie might also be going through a depressed mood or just not feeling well and it needs your care and affection and it shows that by laying on you.

10. Your Aussie is way too lazy

It might be that your Aussie is just too lazy to play with you and the only way he knows to show his affection towards you is by laying on you.

The takeaway!

Isn’t it great that you are being loved by your Aussie way too much?

So, just enjoy it without thinking much as nothing stays forever!

And the next time your Aussie lays on you, cuddle with him, show him some love by rubbing his neck and belly and let him know that you love him too!

Susan R Elliston

I have over 11 years of experience as a vet working with a wonderful variety of species of innocent and lovely animals. Whilst I still work two days a week for a local practice, I realized that I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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